Unlimited Team Size Drawing Pool

At the moment, I have 85 level 20 and 21 creatures. At quick count, I have like 65 decent battle worthy.

For picking teams, we can only select 8 of those at a time. Larger team sizes would be nice.

I would like a way to say, I want a random pick from all of a large selection of creatures with an obvious minimum of 8. So what I would do is go though and check each creature I would like to have as a possible creature to be randomly picked when I go into battle. So rather than having 4 creatures selected from a team of 8, I would have 4 creatures selected from a team of 65 or even all 85 if I so choose.

I’m almost done playing A to Z with 93 creatures and it has been interesting going through and playing them all and even winning with some of the odd ball ones that nobody ever uses. I wish I could just have an automatic random pick from all of those.