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Unlisted New Moves?

Here are 2 new moves, both on Sonorasaurus that I don’t believe were ever mentioned before.

Sonorasaurus - Epic Event Exclusive; Resilient. Taunter Tank.

Resilient Strike, Taunting Vulnerability, Devastation.

Resilient Counter Attack.

  1. Taunting Vulnerability- Does this do damage? Is it like Bellow where you apply affects but don’t do damage?

  2. Resilient Counter-Attack- I assume this does 1x damage, removes speed increase and dodge and decelerates.

I’m really just unsure of what Taunting Vulnerability does. I think it’s priority, apply vulnerable to opponent, apply taunt to self. Does not do damage.

I’m worried about resilient counter, like people complained about medium resilient and it didn’t even remove distraction. Yet if this does cleanse distraction its gonna be so bad.

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I doubt it will. Or if it does, I doubt it would do damage. Just apply all the effects of a resilient attack. Like nullifying counter


True but that’s what we thought of medium resilient counter but it did do damage so of course the regular counter should do damage

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