Unlmited darts


My friends have 150/140 darts and when they encounter Dinosaur they lose darts but after encounter they get their darts Back so they’re stuck at 150 darts they won’t get them or lose them.

Having over 140 darts
Over 140 darts
Glitch on dart system

Me 195/140 unlimited
alots of DNA
but not enough gold

Even this benefit us I dont want the game to be broke
Please fix


I usually have good amount of everything and get alot of DNA but just wanted to report The Bug since i dont want The economy to break


How does one get unlimited darts?? Im sry but im still a noob at this game


My timer currently has 305/140. I’ve vasically never ran out of darts. I just end up getting way more darts than coins or cash and it just starts to add up.


Im actually Not sure…


I had that happen when I first started, but lately it caps at 140, which kinda sucks, but oh well.


What really sucks is when you get wasted darts. I personally think this 140 cap is crap! If I have 140 and I get 20 in a incubator it’s trash in the can!


Hey GreenLight, thanks for reporting this! Our team is aware of this issue and we’ll be fixing this soon. Tell your friends not to worry because this will not negatively affect their gameplay.

We encourage them to go and find as many dinosaurs as they can!

How i can report bug?

Alright! They’re already playing!


I just booted up the app and noticed I have 400 plus darts. Has this happened so anyone else? Screenshot_20180730-132653_JW%20Alive


Take a look at my image I’m submitting I have 144/140 in darts. Wondering why sometimes it gives me
More than 140 darts - but then it limits it to 140
Then there is the option to buy 200 darts? When you can’t even have that many to begin with? Help and why is his happening ![image|281x500]





Was noticing my darts weren’t going down


Darts can be a bit glitchy; mine just kept going up - reached over 1200 until the recent update and then they went all the way back down to 140 :smiley:


Wow ya I have had mine go to 142 as well. I have bought the dart bundle once just for goggles and it was so cool over 300. I wish there was a dart upgrade that was permanent…


(This may be in the wrong place)

I found a glitch recently involving the dart system.

Normally once you collect the maximum amount of darts(140) the darts will no longer collect and you will only have 140.

One day I opened an incubator and received darts, then when collecting DNA I realised I had over 140darts,. Thinking this was just a one off as I was low on WiFi, I did nothing about it. Now every time I play the game, I have over the maximum.

Jurassic world alive is probably the best game I’ve ever played, and I’ve recommended it to almost everyone I meet!! I enticed a few, and they’ve enjoyed it!!

This is the first glitch I’ve discovered but I’ll still keep all eyes out for any, no matter how big or small.

I know some people will hate me for this, but I thought it wold be better to say.

Many thanks,

Just realised I can get replies;
As I’m new to all these forum things, if there are any mistakes I’ve made on placement or anything else, please tell me as I’d be great full


Good to know it isn’t just me


When someone has over 140 darts, are they hacking the system? i’ve seen some with over 7k.


I assumed it has something to do with VIP, but not sure.