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Unlock all achievements, player badges and titles

(!!Spoiler Alert!!)

JWA Toolbox has released a tool for searching all achievements and checking their requirements and rewards.

Above example shows a search for mystery battle achievements that reward player badges.


You can now view a network graph of all achievements! As you can see from the picture, those “player rank” achievements are choke points, unlock them as quickly as possible!

A Spoiler...

Well this is going to be fun for a player that is in Aviary arena currently…


I hope I go up against them so that I can move up and out of Aviary. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Do friendly battles count I wonder?

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Some of these achievements are gonna make me drop to a much lower arena so I can complete them

just tried that. and no.
hopefully tournaments will count.

Just wondering, are these 2 meant to be different, or it’s like a choose your path: beat 10 raids or takedown 1 legendary raid, because they both give same emote, unless it’s a different emote?

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Anky mission has been dropping me recently

do you think tournaments would count towards that achievement? if not, this and achievements like it are probably going to encourage dropping to some degree.

They probably will. But seasonal pvp is the arena

I really hope so since it is sorta a player v player, and like you said these achievements will cause some dropping unless you have max boosted creatures to fit the requirements like the anky or commons

Interesting, I’ll take a look and get back to you.

honestly, it would be nice if Luida could allow tournaments to count for these things. there’s just such low success rate of long time players making achievements that require seasonal PvP without dropping. if tournaments don’t count, you’ll definitely see me drop as far as i can to make it. i’ll feel bad on the way back up, but the only other alternative is level up anky and boost it to all get out to compete and that isn’t feasible for a lot of people.


I believe you caught a bug in the game code. The achievement was tied to a wrong reward, I believe the correct one should be some Monolometrodon DNA.

I’ll change Toolbox, but I think it’s a bug that should be reported to Ludia if somebody can confirm it in game.

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Actually I cannot change Toolbox since I have no idea how much Monolometrodon DNA Ludia intends to give out.

I make a guess about the amount and changed the toolbox. The reward of 1 Legendary Raid achievement is now 20 monolometrodon dna. However, it may be different in game but is a bug in the game itself.

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Someone please explain how anyone above like the third arena is supposed to get the final kill of a pvp battle with Ankylosaurus…
Tournaments, strike events, campaign don’t count…
Only arena pvp

Ludia is such a troll


Trex is so cute😍

That’s a shame.

Not any worse than winning a battle with Anky as last dino :roll_eyes:

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It says “in PVP” in the description unfortunately :confused: