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Unlock Blue and it bugs out


Recently I missed out on fully unlocking blue from the special event. So upon winning the epic strike event and raptor incubator I was more then joyous when it said I had more then enough to unlock her. To my dismay I went to create her only to be told error. The button was green to create. So I reload the game hoping it will fix and then I’m greeted with less then the 100 required to unlock. I’m quiet disappointed this has happened as looking forward to blue more then any other Dino. :confused:


I would like to say it has since revolved itself and she is unlocked now


Hey Schwifty91, I’m glad that the issue is resolved! A delay in the connection could have caused this, so if something like this happens again, try rebooting the game and see if that helps. If the issue persists, our support team would be happy to help if you contacted them here at with your support key.


It’s time to get Schwifty