Unlock Costumes and dragons 2

I know we got events, seasonal market and other stuffs, but a lot of people cant get what it wants before the time run out, it is cuz those card packs are hard and full of useless decorations.

Blocking dragons and costume during and AFTER those events isnt cool, events are cool but it isnt a doctrine.

I am here just asking you developpers to unlock the costumes and dragons at least after the end of an event.

You also released two costumes that wasnt in a event either! Serious, paying should not be a doctrine too.


in my experience @LUDIA or recently @JAMCITY dosent care about players will. Im playing this game from 16 and JWtG from 17. in this period of times I learned that they are just watching and nothing else. These game has a LOT of bugs or errors but everytime I notified nothing happend so get used to it.

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The dragons do come back around eventually. Some take more time to come back.

We have 642 dragons, which can’t all be obtainable all the time with a game like this. If you want, save up runes.

I’m saving to get Büttor Boi to complete my Chicken collection.

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