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Unlock Events Irony

I’ve seen the same few dinosaurs being circulated for unlock every few weeks, such as Rhamphorhunchus, Spinosaurus, Kaprosuchus, Gallimimus, etc.

Has there ever been an unlock event for Rajasaurus, Allosaurus or Giganotosaurus or any other except the frequent ones? And will we ever have a chance to unlock the mentioned ones? I’m intentionally staying in lower levels so that I can unlock them before moving up.

But there seems to be no sign of a Rajasaurus or Allosaurus unlock event. So will we ever have them in the coming weeks, or should I simply level up and go for the Legendaries instead?

As a collector, I would love to have the whole set but I already missed 4 Common unlocks and I regret that more than anything (Toujiangosaurus, Coloborhynchus, Bonitasaura and Pelecanimimus) so I’ve decided to unlock all Rares and then move up. Should I wait or should I just level up?

Most of the experienced players saw several unlock events for most of them but it can take a while, definitely more than a couple of weeks. I’m not sure but I think it took more than 3 years before I unlocked almost all of them, except Leedsichthys.
My recommendation is for you to level up and go for everything you can get. In time you will have the opportunity to unlock everything no matter at what level you are. You need to be patient, if you stay at a certain level to wait for a special unlock event you will most certainly end up very frustrated.
It’s a basic game strategy that you get flooded with some dinosaurs for quite a long time while you do not get others for many many months. I can remember that it took me 2 years before I got enough Tyrannosaurus Rex for a lvl 40. In the last three months I got 15 of them.


I think you should move up. There’s more resources available at the later stages/part of the game. I don’t think it’s worth it to wait for an unlock that may or may not come around.

If your end game is to unlock all dinos, you will be around for a while. Some players playing for years and haven’t unlocked all.

You might miss out on some of the higher unlocks when you do decide to move on because you waited for the lower level unlocks.

It’s cheaper to pay to buy some copies of the lower level unlocks, if you really want that creature. Some players paid about 3800 DBs for a copy of Leedsichthys.


Well I got a Leedsichthys from a Claim your territory pack I think

In my opinion it is more important to level up, because if you stay in the lower levels you will miss the Clash of Titans unlock every time. You would also miss the trade harbour, which is amazing to farm bucks and everything else. I also rushed up and I don’t regret it.

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I am level 41,should I rush up? I have been trying really hard to rush.

If you look at the next week (or this week’s) calendar of events and an unlock you need is coming up, wait.

But, don’t wait just to wait.

You will eventually get 8 copies of a lot of the commons and rares to unlock the hybrids even if you don’t get the dino unlocked. About half of my hybrids have been unlocked this way. I’ve been playing for 5 months.

It would be nice if I have more than 2 of the common hybrids unlocked, but that isn’t always how it works out. You’ll have lots of other dinos to hatch.

Also, nerfing your park level, also keeps your top dinos down, which means it will be that much longer until you can finish in dominator in tournaments. That is an unlock about once a week that you’ll also miss out on. Plus the spin rewards, which tend to be a lot of DNA.)

The only reason I would recommend keeping your park level down is if you can’t beat a battle stage without leveling up dinos and unbalancing your team. Than you should wait. Don’t level up dinos to win one fight when it makes the rest of PvE hard. PvE is where a lot of important things happen.

Good luck!


unlock as much useful stuff as you can!

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like the dolorinchinops (or trinacomerum)

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