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Unlock Labyrinthodontia

Hello! I missed unlocking the Labyrinthodontia and I’m currently at level 55. Is there anyway I could unlock it? Thank you.

Lucia constantly rotates the creatures you have in unlock events. Nobody can tell you when there will be another one for Labyrinthodontia. It could take a while but there will be one for sure some time.
Patience is of the essence in this game.


Thank you much, Tommi. Indeed patience is the essence.

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@Tommi right you are, but there is quite a contradiction to it - Labyrinth can be unlocked only under level 39. :frowning:

From time to time the have special unlock weeks where you can unlock creatures that are normally below your current level. It will come…some day.


You can also buy copies (not the unlock) for DB. No hatching required when you do that.

It could be worth it if you just want the hybrid unlocked, but you’ll need like 5000DB unless you already have several copies.

I did this to unlock the hybrid. I figured with all of the lower level unlocked and the higher level unlocked a couple of months ago (I missed as I was lower level and than higher), it will be awhile before this one drops again.