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UnLock strike events on certain levels

Ludia made an idea where you can play any strike event but in JWTG they won’t let you play the battles until you are on a certain level

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Unlock events on certain levels
  • Play all of the events including the hard ones

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  • Play events on your level

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Are you posting about JWA or JWTG?

Alive of course

Ok. However, this is a very confusing post. Are you talking about having strike towers be locked behind levels?

Well I am saying is that they should lock strike events until your on a certain level

one question. Why?
it doesn’t hurt anything for people to try the stuff

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No. That’s not how this game works. It’s already “locked” by having harder creatures in certain incubators. Unlike JWTG, which has the AI slowly get better with you, JWA has auto set AI, which is the locking mechanism for JWA.

This is a terrible idea if you can come up with a good enough strategy and well planned team to take out an epic strike with some level 15s you deserve it lol