Unlock the Woolly Mammoth

Hi guys!
Big fan of the game!

The only problem is that I have been playing this game for years now and I never had the chance to unlock the woolly mammoth, so I could get the best Cenozoic hybrid - the Mammotherium.

Like some off the other special (expensive) creatures, we are only able to “unlock” them through tournaments (Top 1%), I have seen plenty off very expensive creatures (latest the Megarchelon which cost more than 60k dna), but the woolly mammoth should not be as expensive and I have not been it in any tournament and as I said; I have played this game for a long time now.

Any information on when it’s a possibility to unlock?

Only way how to permantly unlock Mammoth is win “Wooly mammoth” tournament in dominator 1% league. At last times all tournaments are battle land creatures, even tournaments for cenozoic creatures. If you are playing more, than 2 yers, You should win tournament without problems. So just wait for Wooly mammoth tournament. Even, if Ludia will change that tournament to Cenozoic battles, I think, after two years playing you should be able to win the tournament, depends on your Cenozoic lineup. You maybe will need some green buck, in that cenozoic battle case, I dont know your cenozoic team.

Other way, how to get max level Wooly mammoth is to buy 8 pack of him in VIP section for 20 000 loyality points. This way can take a long time, Considering, there was a Wooly mammoth pack available few days ago.

Anyway, good luck, I am waiting for his tournament too.

Clash of Titans could unlock the Mammoth too.


Thank you guys for the input!

The only thing is that I have been waiting on the Wooly Mammoth in both the “Tournament in dominator 1% league” and “Clash of Titans” for more than 3-4 years now. I play this game almost every day, so it does not make any sense to me. My team always ends in top 1% in the Tournament and I have almost all special “expensive” hybrids in the game and high lvl too.

So I don’t understand why I haven’t received any chance to unlock the creature - It’s a bit frustrating…

Do you guys have any advice?

I’ve been playing for more than 3.5 years. There’s one fish I’ve been waiting for, it is more than one year now. Unfortunately there is no way to force fate, we have to be patient.

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Yes, I forgot for CoT And I am sure many people would vote for a mammoth in CoT, if there will be a chance for. It would be great, when Ludia give us a chance vote for tournaments also.

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The wooly mammoths has had multiple chances to unlock it over the last 2 ish years. Not sure when it will come around again, @Andy_wan_kenobi can probably tell us exactly how many chances there have been to unlock it.

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Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

In the last 18 months, we have had two shots at the Woolly Mammoth, the week of 12/10/2018 and the week of 5/20/2019


Thanks for the reply!

When will next time be? xP

Not a clue. Ludia doesn’t share their future plans. It’s been about a year, so we’re due for another shot.

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:notes:When I was just a little boy,
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Here’s what he said to me

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Of course, my spreadsheet does have all the known history for both tournaments and the COT. I assume that’s where Andy is pulling the info from…being the one keeping it up to date for the rest of us!

I remember well the last Mammoth tournament as I was just short of being able to finish in Dominator at the time so it was really disappointing to miss out. Would really love another chance at it but at least have gotten a few copies from lottery wins. Just not enough by far to get the hybrid made.


Guilty as charged