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Unlock Via Special event creatures

Hi there, I have good suggestion and it is to get rid off all the unlock via special event commons, rares, super rares, and legendaries (excluding tournament and ones from solid gold pack) because you used to be able to unlock all those creatures but now u can’t without waiting a long time and spending lots of money. It would make the game a lot more enjoyable for people to play. I have spent a lot of time on the game and still have not been able to unlock all unless i spend money.

Ludia please change it back to when you could get them in battle stages.


The current system wouldn’t be as bad if Ludia did a better job cycling through the various creatures instead of having so many frequent flyers.


I like it this way actually. One have to think differently to get a hold of creatures that hasnt been unlocked yet.
More of a challenge and it is possible to get them all.

Like Kaprosuchus?:smirk:


Gorgosaurus was on COT, so, they just wanted to make sure you could get the hybrid.

Now I just need to hatch 4 more of them… at 7 days a pop.


yes like kaprosuchus but make it more common like one per 3 days