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Unlockable dodo?

April Fool’s Day is coming up and the next boss too since it’s more or less confirmed that the boss will be a dodo. Do you think it can be unlocked? but not with attacks and super exaggerated statistics

  • Yes
  • Do not

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The boss itself, no, but low low chance of yes, an actual dodo, maybe


Well if it can unlock I gonna use it in tournament


I hope it’s gonna be Unlockable. I mean the mysterious Wednesdays creature hasn’t disappeared yet so big chance it’s a dodo


According to my unlocked creatures i have only 1 left…Gorgotrebax

Apperantly the Wednesday creature has disappeared


Nope still here

Alright then i didn’t found it

Well the bugs gone for me, no more wednesday creature glitch

Spoilers, don’t click if you don’t want spoilers

According to a datamine by JWA Hunters, dodo will be a April Fool’s boss as a Legendary, and unlockable as an Epic. At least thats what I understood from it.

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Only thing, we will need to unlock (read find) are April fools strikes.

There is no new creature and we didn’t get a chance to unlock Lord Lythronax and Goat.

its not impossible, it certainly isn’t the first time ludia has just randomly dropped a creature in game without an update, like acro in halloween week
we may just be able to get dodo dna from the incubators that day


I think there’s gonna be an unlock. Looks like we’ll have to wait till April 1st

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According to some of the folks on the JWA Discord who actually did the datamine, there isn’t anything concretely suggesting that the Dodo will be a distinct creature. One of the main dudes seems to think it will just be a boss. That said, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, and I certainly would like to see it :slight_smile: