Unlocked 2 uniques this weekend and

Unlocked Tryko and tuoramoloch and both are just terrible lol … Tuora is out already and Tryko not far behind. Pretty sad when you grind and work for these things and a common is more valuable

What in the world are you talking about. If tryko is terrible you are doing it wrong.

Now Toura…

It’s just tough because of the speed and only one option for first move. First I faced Indoraptor and died quick. Then it was Tryostonix. Then Pyritator … never won yet with it

Indo is a tough matchup for Tryko. Until you can predict what he will face I would not throw him out blindly.

In general he feasts in tanks even those many levels over his own. Surprisingly, smart use of his shield to lengthen the fight and get clear of distracting can also let him rampage some high level dinos or the next in after a flee. It takes a bit of feeling it all out but be patient…except with Toura. It stinks.

Here is me after a near equal level or higher level Monomi and SpinotahS. And this isn’t unusual. Played smartly it is a super solid dino (thanks to the range that armor gives him) as well as a brutal murderer when placed against what he wants to face.


I’m glad you think so, I’m hoping she’ll be my second unique… one fine day. :smile:


First off … congrats. This couldn’t have been easy!

Next … I feel ya man. It’s always nice having the green lining around a Dino but both of these aren’t viable when the rest of your team (and your opponents) is probably 3-4 levels higher than them.

I’ve heard tryko is a good 3rd Dino to play … that way if a new opposing dino is switched in, there’s a rampage waiting for it… hope your luck with it changes!