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Unlocked Aquatic Creature Before Lvl 25

Hello, This is my first time posting here on the forums so I apologies if this is the incorrect forum page for this issue.
A few days ago I received a Liopleurodon in a random card pack, excited I quickly sent it to the incubator to hatch, and three days later it is now on its final few hours. However I am now concerned as to what will actually happen once it hatches. I have not unlocked that aquatic area for I am not level 25. If I accept the Liopleurodon will it move to storage till I am level 25 and can fight in aquatic stages, or will it get removed from my account all-together because I have not unlocked the aquatic stage?
If someone knows the answer and can tell me I appreciate it, I am almost scared to accept the egg hatch now.

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@SquidBones welcome to the forum! :smiley: If you hatch it, you would find it in your Aquatic Park. I also hatched my first aquatic before level 25, no biggie - only the fact that Aquatic PvP opens up at level 25.

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That is good to hear, thank-you. That puts my mind at ease.

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Glad to hear that it does!

You can place both aquatics and cenozoics before you reach those levels, you just can’t use them in any battles before you do.