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Unlocked Dinosaurs - Not Unlocked!?!?!

Just sharing this on here. I listed a topic a month ago regarding dinosaurs I had fused to unlock a hybrid (Xinathodon), yet after fusing them the hybrid remained locked to purchase using DNA. Ludia cleared this up after two weeks (yes two weeks) and now I have noticed today I have 8 unlocked Cenozoic special event dinosaurs which I unlocked months ago and 3 Jurassic dinosaurs which I unlocked but are still showing locked. Check your unlocked dinosuars to see if you have previously unlocked them but they still remain locked! I’ve flagged to support but let’s see how long this takes to get fixed.


@Turkish which dinosaurs are you referring to exactly?

Sure. Here you go. Leptocleidus, Megistotherium, Sarkastodon, Doedicurus, Gigantophis, Kelenken, Mastodon, Arctodus, Megatherium, Kentrosaurus, Antarctopelta, Pachyrhinosaurus.

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Are you sure you had unlocked these from their events or just gotten a single on Prize Wheel or so?

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100% I unlocked them. Kentrosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus were recent tournaments I successfully completed.

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I hope you get back your unlocks, support has a way of tracking your game activity so if they see that an error has been made on their part, they’ll send you the unlock via in-game mail.

Fingers crossed for you, mate! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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That is very weird indeed.

Finally after waiting a week I have a response from Ludia. Quite helpful but they’ve asked me for approximate dates and the names of the tournaments I unlocked the dinosaurs from. Sorry, but are they kidding? Surely they could easily look into my game play. Can see me putting this game down which would be disappointing.

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I assume you have been playing since before the Ceno reshuffles happened based on this list… have you been actively playing all that time?

Yes, I have been playing for 5 years. Just about to reach park level 95. Been a complete grind as I am not a VIP member. Hopefully I’ll get a response soon and Ludia will fix this otherwise I’m pretty maxed and there’s not a lot else to do to keep me actively playing.

Yeah that sucks. I was wondering if you might have had a pause in playing that might explain it, but sounds like just an outright bug. Hope they get it fixed for you.

Well I have received another response from Ludia which quite frankly is shocking. They’ve asked me for the dates and tournament names I unlocked the 11 separate dinosaurs from. I’ve been playing the game for 5 years. I don’t keep a note pad of when I unlock dinosaurs as I expect the gameplay to be reliable. I’ve given them rough dates for when I unlocked Kentrosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus as these were fairly recent. Again, this is shocking from Ludia.

On the Dino data spreadsheet there is a sheet with most tournaments for the last couple of years with dates which will work for the tournament creatures, I think there is also some information about some of the general unlocks. Sarkastodon has only had one unlock offered I believe (ever) so that one you might be able to track down as I think we talked about it quite a bit on the forums.

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Thanks Sionsith. I have provided Ludia with a number of approximate dates I unlocked the dinosaurs. Their response was appalling ‘we cannot unlock the dinosaurs privately’. I am not asking Ludia to unlock them privately, I am asking them to unlock them fairly and based on the evidence Ludia has and the evidence I have provided. Almost two weeks now,…incredible.

Sorry. Nothing you can really do since it’s on their side. I would honestly quit the game if they ever did that to me. I remember on Jurassic park builder the base got reset back to lv 1 (a bug most likely) so I just quit and was done with it forever.

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Yeah, I’d probably quit the game if they refuse to re-unlock creatures that I had earned in the game. Wonder if one of the admins on here could do anything to help perhaps?

It’s for reasons like this that I will never again pay for a yearly VIP subscription. I may end up paying a bit more on the month-to-month but I’ve seen too many things that makes me want the freedom to drop the game at any time should I get fed up with something Ludia does to the players.


So, as players do we need to screen shot our market of unlocks from time to time to prove we have unlocks?

Yikes! This thread is kind of scary.


I keep trying not to contemplate about JPB but here it is again :cry: I feel bad I didn’t experience JPB in it’s prime, only in 2019 did I actually play it.

But then again didn’t you contact support and ask why progress was reset?..

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Hey guys, well I have no doubt OP has some valid points there are, as ever, 2 sides to a story.

@Turkish maybe @Keith can help?

I experienced in its prime. I was basically done the game anyways and it was getting boring. I didn’t contact support. Just quit because I couldn’t trust them… ever again lol