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Unlocked Diplosuchus already?

So, I just lost a pvp battle online, (no issue, can’t win them all). One thing that does baffle me, is how the opponent used the new amphibian super hybrid Diplosuchus, at level 14. Honestly, i find it hard to believe someone got 3000 S-DNA to make two of them, A DAY after it was released. Unless;

A; They hacked the game.
B; The opponent in question, wasn’t even a person.

We’re battling bots most or all of the time.
At least I’ve yet to face off against an indoraptor of any kind.
Oops! Just gave Ludia a ludicrous idea.

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Perhaps they spent a ton of money on the game and somehow got it?

@DinoStan is right. Most of the time, the game uses names and profile pics from JWTG players, but the actual dinos and opponents the game supplies. I got gobs of Leptostegas as soon as that hybrid was released, and same goes for the Diplosuchus. I think part of it is a marketing ploy to get us to do whatever us can to get the new creatures as quickly as possible.

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Like @HanSoloWannaBe said, it has to be non character bots we face. I wasn’t sure at first till I started watching closely. In hundreds or thousands of battles I’ve yet to encounter anyone with a VIP account. Pretty much all my creatures are either max leveled (10,20,30,40) or minimum leveled (1,11,21,31). There are so many random levels faced in PVP it’s odd. Plus my win rate shouldn’t make sense for PVP battles. Most people should be 40-60% win/loss ratio if it was aginst other folk. Realistically I’m probably 90% plus wins. For that to happen I’d either have to be gifted or fighting a mostly predictable opponent. Not that I mind by the way.

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As @Potato, @DinoStan, and @HanSoloWannaBe have stated there is no PvP regardless of what Lydia titles it, you are always playing a bot. After almost a year of “PvP” I can for sure say this is the case. Start playing the PvP matches like you are playing a bot and you will see the patterns. I think I might lose 1 in 50 PvP battles, might be less. Before I approached the battles like they were a real player my win percentage was much lower since I thought the opponent would be doing tricky moves like I might be doing and ultimately I was just tricking my self. For instance the bot will always attack with all of its points if it will take all of those points to overcome your reserve. For instance at the end of your turn you have 2 reserve after doing an attack, your opponent has 6 during their turn and it takes four to kill you, the bot will always attack at six to guarantee the kill where a regular player might chance a 5 or 4 attack to gain an advantage. The bot will always go for the kill. Once you recognize this you can use this to your advantage by sacrificing a creature to gain the upper hand in all your pvp matchups, instead of blocking I almost always put the points in reserve to gain the advantage. Study the “PvP” opponent long enough and you will see that it is a computer program you are playing.

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Beautifully said, and accurate.

Another pattern the bot uses is that after attacking, it will usually (maybe 80% of the time) split those points between reserve and block. For example, if the bot has 6 points, and it uses 2 to kill one of my dinos, chances are very high it kept two for reserve and two for block. That way if my next dino has enough points take out the enemy plus 2, I’ll use those attack points, and I usually defeat that enemy dino.

It’s a bit hard to describe the patterns; it’s kind of like trying to give driving directions to someone to a place you drive to all the time; you’re so used to it it’s hard for you to think of the conscious turns. In the same way, if you just play lots of PvP and pay attention, you get a good feel for the bot’s behavior. Another example is that the bot will usually (maybe 90% of the time) try to get a class advantage, even if it’s not worth it to do. For example, if I have an amphibian with 1500 health going up against a Pachygalosaurus (carnivore) with 900 damage after the reduction, even if the Pachygalosaurus could still put major hurting on my amphibian (it has 900 damage, after all, against a 1500 health creature), it will still try to switch to another dino, especially if it has a pterosaur, to get the class benefit. You can use this behavior to get the bot to waste attack points while you build up reserve points.