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Unlocked Indominus Rex, need to find room now


Just unlocked my first legendary, Indominus Rex! Now I need to find a spot. Was thinking either taking Alanqa or Koola out.


I’d take out the worm


I would say replace with koola.

At least with alanqa, you can save a few dinos from the wrath of the indominus. Had alanqa on my team for quite a while, she’s very useful at that stage.

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Congrats, impressive! Most players first legendary is Stegod. Kick koola to the bench.

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I agree take koola out.

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@rimshaker My first legendary was also I.rex thanks to some of the events.

I would swap koola for I.rex. Alanqa is also good against raptors up to a point.

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Lol i like that


Thanks all, I kicked Koola to the side.

Alanqa does help against raptors or Suchotator, I’ll swap it to negate the pounce or lethal wound.


The shield will only negate the initial damage of Lethal Wound, not the damage over time though.


Congrats, Indominus was my first legendary as well… and is still serving me well (she’s now level 21) at > 5,000 trophies.

I used to love my Koola, but agree with pp, might as well try replacing her. You can always bring her back if necessary!

GL - Indominus is a lot of fun. Especially when cloak holds :smile:


Koola. I never took him in my team :stuck_out_tongue:


you should have a pretty solid team if you swap the koola for the rex