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Unlocked Mortem & finished my dinodex!

Yay, I did it!

Couldn’t have done it without the help of the best alliance in the biz. Kelliance!



That’s awesome!
I just did mine for this week and sadly missed unlocking it by 5!


congrats! (10)

Wait you guys are actually close to mortem?

The Mortem 10 Club says hi



Tho seriously what are the resistances?

I won’t know till next week

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ok, turn it into nitro mortem, and it will be unstoppable.

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Nice job. I’ve missed the first week and one other and I’m only a 3rd if the way there. I still have to try this weeks.

Can’t yet though. Because then you are getting 1 shot by Mags. The health just isn’t there at lvl 26.

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I’ll be keeping plenty of speed boosts for Mortem I think :sweat_smile:

just boost the health and speed and It will be good, its got a ton of attack anyway.

Oh I’m poor and can only level irritator (you buy boosts otherwise I’d have a tuo ready)

I wanted to take it to t16 attack but I’m short right now. That would be able to 1 shot with crit with the cleansing impact.

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1 shot mags*

The issue is maximas can 1 shot them if it crits really easily. So right now its basically a great revenge killer.

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I don’t buy boost lol I’m free to play and my hard cash goes to coin sales.

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No I mean I can’t, I need to grind out boosts and we all know how that goes

I beat Mortem with a max level Diloracheirus unboosted.

I’m can beat mortem just fine, I’m saying I can’t get tuo ready easily

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