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Unlocked Mortem & finished my dinodex!

I would actually boost attack and hp. You do so much damage and have a high crit that a cleansing impact can usually 1-shot many counters when boosts are in play

Good job Ludia

Congrats! :smiley:

Wrong. In fact, it will be a major waste of boosts. All speedsters like Spyx and Magna are above 146 speed in Gyro and Beach, so the only thing it can beat are tanks or anything slower than it

Grats im at 60 morty it will be months till i unlock him.

To me he should be something like a “immune” creature (have resistance to a lot of things )

Have some counter of Morty?
I just asking

Mortem 10 Club?

Cries in Mortem 0


Did he record the video unlocking him

Congratulations, you lucky duck, you

No resistance to distraction, that’s really a weakness! But of course it has a cleanse move… So you have to predict the moves

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