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Unlocked tournament dino in battle stage 90-96

I unlocked eucladoceroes in battle no 90-96, dont remember exactly but when i completed battle got the message that i unlocked it, and its available to purchase it in the market, but when i saw in market is is still locked

Can anyone help…

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Eucladoceros is not unlockable by battle stage Thats why it says unlocked via special event if it were unlockable by battle stage it would say it there


List of all Battle Stage Creatures


Thank you both for explaining… Maybe my mistake,i misunderstood the battle stages…

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There are creatures in market specified as being unlockable in battle stages
Lv87 - Yutyrannus
Lv90 - mosasaurus
Lv95 - megatherium , antarcopelta (how does that work with two unlock ?)
You should add these.

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Battle stage 99 is antarctopelta and i have it unlocked so its showing me win reward dont know if it gets unlock

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Continue reading my post until the end.

Yutyrannus, Mosasaurus, Megatherium, and Antarctopelta (and their respective levels) were all added after my original post. I can no longer edit the original post, but there are followup posts denoting each creature and its level unlock as Ludia releases them, most recently September 2020.