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Hello all, I was wondering if someone could help me identify which dinosaurs are unlocked? In the image, you can see that I believe I’ve unlocked Dimorphodon because I don’t see the lock image on him. It’s easy to see that because even though I have a card of his, I haven’t hatched him yet so he’s dim. In the image you can also see Scaphognathus. I’ve gotten enough of him to get him to level 31, but he is not unlocked yet. I wouldn’t know that by looking at the picture because there’s no lock image. Is there a way to tell which dinosaurs that you’ve already hatched are still locked? Thank you for any help you can provide.

It is one of the filter options. You can select either dinos you do not possess or those you haven’t unlocked yet although you may have some of them.


The best way is in the Market menu. There is a filter for “Locked.” Even if you have one or more copies out in the pen or cards in your market, it will show them as locked.


Thank you @Tommi and @Andy_wan_kenobi I guess I was just hoping since it had the lock picture on the ones that were locked that I didn’t have that it would show it for the ones I did have as well. I will use the work arounds you guys mentioned.

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