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Unlocking certain creatures

Greetings! This is my first post I put here and I would like to talk about something that kinda worries me.

I started playing after the change in the battle stage events and have been trying to unlock all the creatures I can get because I just love collecting everything. However, I have reached to level 34 and am really close to leveling up and that scares me because for some creatures like commons, I won’t be able to get them because I’m too high level.

There is also the fact of certain creatures constantly reappearing every week. I know it is a complaint that has been heard a lot, but I cannot deny the fact that it is true. I’ve always seen (as of commons) the same four that are put as unlockables every week being utahraptor, hatzegopterus, labyrinthodontia and bonitasaura. I have looked into every single week schedule ever since the battle stage update and not once have I seen tuojiangosaurus, colombrhychus or pelacanimimus. Should I keep preventing myself from going to a higher level? Are some creatures never going to be unlocked? Should I level up? Should I be scared of not unlocking some creatures?

I thank anyone who has the time to help me with my dilemma and I hope you all have an amazing day!

Hello @Toast1 and welcome.

Even if you have a higher level there will be unlock events for commons one day. Nobody can tell when they will appear, you need a lot of patience in this game. It could take a year or more before you see an unlock event for a special creature that you are looking for.
After more than 3.5 years I am still missing one creature and I think almost everyone in this forum can tell you a similar story.

Continue to level up and wait for your opportunities to come.


i just finally just unlocked rhamphorhynchus a couple weeks ago, I’m level 80. I must have missed the unlock when it was first available. I still don’t have Aerotitan, i think that is the only unlock i’m missing as far as commons through normal legendary dino’s are concerned though. So yeah it can take a while unfortunately.


I feel your pain. I’m park level 85.

I’m missing all but one of those common unlocks.

I’ve had a really hard time making common hybrids. I only have 1 unlocked.

I have gotten 8 common dinos (PvP, and other rewards) to unlock 2 Rare Hybrids. Still only one common Hybrid for me though.

One day, maybe I’ll get some of those commons.

My beacon is badly suffering from the 8 missing commons I’ve just never gotten. :frowning:

This game is a marathon. Not a sprint.


Yeah, I feel your pain OP. I’ve played this game since it first came out and you always want to get every creature… And I guess it took me a little longer than most to develop my line up, because I missed out on the first 5 or 6 tournament creatures (I was able to unlock the very first one- Mosasaurus, luckily- thanks to the wheel… And back then if you hit on the wheel it would fully unlock the actual creature too).

It wasn’t until Darwinopterus where I “won,” my first tournament creature by finishing in the Dominator League. I’ve won every single tournament creature since then, but it wasn’t for years after that where I was able to unlock the 5 or 6 that I missed.

I wouldn’t think you should be concerned at all with missing out on any of the commons… They’ll come with time and you certainly won’t miss out on them along the way by leveling up “too quickly,” or anything like that.

And on the upside, like @Tommi said, with enough patience, it can be done- I eventually unlocked everything and I’ve been able to unlock and max out all of the creatures (minus a few S-DNA’s so far and the handful of creatures not available yet).

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Tyrannosaurus rex Gen 2 and Velociraptor Gen 2 are now in the market with an unlocked via special event tag. To the best of my recollection, previously, these creatures were treated like the VIP ones. If you had a card, it was in your market. If you didn’t have a card, it was not present in the market.

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I feel like they have been in there for a while, or maybe I was thinking of the Gen 2 Indominus.

I’ve seen the I-rex, but not these two.

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And has there EVER been an unlock for Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Rajasaurus, etc? I haven’t seen them at all…

Doesn’t appear that there have

I think I got them unlocked from battle stages

But they were pulled from the Battle Stages back in November. So newer players haven’t had a chance at them.

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I’m a newer player (just after the reshuffle), I don’t have any of those unlocked. :frowning:

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How do I get a rhamphorinchus at lvl 65 please explain and an areotitan.

Tell me how

Wait for the rare unlock week. The last time was in April and anyone 50+ had a chance to unlock the rhamphorinchus you will just need to be patient and keep your eye out on a calendar. It could be a while though.

I cannot unlock rhamphorinchus or areotitan

You just need to keep checking the event schedule routinely until an unlock event for those particular dino’s happens. It could be soon or it could be years from now, no one knows.

Rhamphorinchus was not all that long ago so you might be waiting a while for that one to come back around, but again who knows?

Overall, I guess I’ve been lucky. About a year of play and I have all commons and rares unlocked, including hybrids. I have most super rares, but there are 3 I’m still waiting for events to come around; Leptocleidus, Elasmosaurus, and Helicoprion. Starting to wonder if an event will ever come. It seams like I keep unlocking the same creatures every few months. I also have about 12 legendary, and 12 legendary hybrids to go, so that will probably take another year or two… :slight_smile:

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