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Unlocking creatures

Hey guys! Yesterday I asked if it was possible for tournament creatures to be unlockable after it. Now I have another similar question. As you know, there’s an event to unlock Gorgosaur but I need level 45 and i’m only level 25. I don’t think i’ll be able to get it, so if I don’t do the clash of titans event, will I lose Gorgosaur forever? Or is there going to be another event to unlock it?

Ludia rotates through the unlocks. I’ve been playing for a year. I’ve seen unlock opportunities for all but four (not counting the brand new aquatic) nonhybrid creatures. I’ve had 2 opportunities to unlock at least 10 of the tournament creatures and at least 12 of the lower level creatures.


No worries, you play long enough and you’ll get a chance to get everything.

It took me a while, but I’m now able to win any tournament. I missed plenty of the first few tournament creatures but as @Andy_wan_kenobi stated, Ludia rotates through them so eventually every one of them will make a reappearance.

For me, games like this one are an exercise in patience.

Enough patience will pay off in spades- I’ve maxed out nearly every creature in the game (definitely every tournament creature and almost every hybrid and super hybrid).