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Unlocking Dino with packs?

Hi all,

My question is pretty simple : Can I definitively unlock Dinos (they would be available on the market to buy with DNA) by buying a pack (with real dinero $) ?

For exemple :

Would I unlock this giant turkey ?

Would I finally have a chance to get a Coloborhyncus (I miss him so bad for the fusion)?

Or this strange lizard, which I’ve been hearing great things about…?

Right. You get the point. But these are three different packs, so…Yeah, I would appreciate if you guys could tell me about this. I’m especially annoyed with the normal ones. I’m lvl 62, and I would need some for fusions (I miss Pelecanimimus / Bonitasaura / Coloborhyncus / Tuojiangosaure).

So before I spend 100$ to get a Bonitasaura to…finally not having it, I thought I’d ask :relieved:

Thanks !!!


As far as I know, these packs do not unlock the dinos for additional purchase.


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Gorgosochus pack unlock the dino will the rest no

How do you figure the pack is an unlock. There doesn’t appear to be any indication (such as an unlick) to indicate such. I would assume that this is like all other packs and DOES NOT unlock the creature


@Andy_wan_kenobi is correct @Lusba808, only packs (through events) with an unlocked lock on them :unlock:actually unlock a creature to be purchased with DNA. Absent that lock icon you are purchasing a single copy.

An old example:


I’m also giving a few more points, most of what you need to know of the packs have been covered by @Sionsith and @Andy_wan_kenobi.

No, those instant buy options don’t unlock creatures. It’s for a single copy.

You will need to wait for Earth Shatteting unlock events, well, those that are there at least. Which brings me to my next point.

Three out of four of these creatures are locked currently without any events. Post 2019 Reshuffle players have not gotten a chance at these cretaures yet.

I am providing you with a link that has the list of locked base creatures — Common, Rare, Super Rare and Legendary — in and not in rotation, along with some additional notes.

With this you would know what creatures to expect and not to expect in the Monday Earth Shattering events or Unlock Weeks if applicable.

Hopefully this helps you!


when there is a red banner on a card it is an unlock just like the monday unlock.
Or so I think!

You are incorrect unfortunately.


The red banner means that that card is guaranteed, meaning you will receive that card.

@Lusba808, while you will not unlock any creatures from these packs, you do have an 8% chance of picking up a single copy of Coloborhyncus from that middle pack. That’s pretty long odds in my book, but you do you


Ahhh ok
So how do we know if the dino is unlock in the pack?

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Buying a pack doesn’t unlock anything. The only unlocks are either the ones in Earth Shattering events and Tournaments (with unlock sign next to it) or Ludia doing something crazy like free Bananogmius unlock for everyone above level 60. And of course battle stage ones.


I’m about 2.5 years into this game. The only ways I’ve seen to unlock a non-hybrid creature is through the weekly unlock events, battle stages, non-VIP tournaments, and Clash of Titans.


Did ludia gave player free unlock???
Never heard of it.
Do they do it like a yearly event??

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No, only when they mess up tournaments.

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Ohhhhh ok :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Thank you @ApexRogers @Andy_wan_kenobi @Sionsith and @Jurassic_Fury for your help, and everyone for your contribution.

I’ll take a look at the thread "Jurassic Base Creatures Listed : In and Not in Rotation !

Thanks again guys, really appreciate your help.


Do you mean the little hexagon with the three claw Mark’s. If so I thought that was because it gives a ticket towards CoT

No ,on the card in packs.

I believe @Indominusrexgen2 is referring to this banner