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Unlocking legendaries

Unlike the other project threads this one is about legendaries
Unlocking 1 legendary isn’t to hard so that’s why I’m inlocking 3 legendaries
After I unlock these 3 I will move on to the next set

This is the only one ove unlocked so far

The next ones are

2.Pteraquetzal (Quetzorion fan)

3.Any of these except for monomimus

I’ll keep you updated every few days

I’d prefer if you used a different word than Project, was this

Meant to indicate my own ones? Would be nice if there could be a separate term so as to not get mixed up. Just a suggestion from my side.

What else can I use?

Couldn’t come up with anything better for the title
Also you know me on discord

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You should also try for dracoceratops it’s Ingredients are available all day anywhere

Indominus Rex is another easy option. Monolometrodon and Bajatonodon are also easy to get

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Wouldn’t suggest Scorpius as a priority mission by fusing, it’s available to unlock via raids. Of course this is as far as unlocking goes. It would save you a lot of coins as well. I understand if you like it and want to achieve it faster, there’s nothing wrong in fusing for it. Just an idea from my side.

I will see
if draco is better than mono i will change it

I thought about indom but i dont really like it because of only armor piercing not break shields
Monolometrodon and Baja i will do in the next set

Maybe you guys can help me with scorpius raid
We can put strats here and do it

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Certainly but when he has revenge he does x3 damage and x2 damage also with no revenge he can use 2X camouflage in a row.And he has a lot of immunity

Also do another resilent than pteraquetzal like stegodeus for example

Draco vs monolemetro depends on your team if you have Cummings than Draco is better but if you don’t have good cunnings than mono is better

I have way to many cunnings on my team

Next set
There are a lot more legendaries than these guys

Now time to go back and grind

If you could show your team that would be great :relaxed:

For suggesting better hybrids