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Unlocking mortem rex

How long it will takes to unlock rhis dino in your opinion?

Since we get 10 DNA each time, it’ll probably take a minimum of 30 weeks, since we probably need 300 to create it.

I saw a screen shot last night… it can be created with 700 dna! XD?!?

That screenshot showed the amount needed to level it from 26 to 27, and it was probably 100, not 700.
0/100 sort of looks like 0/700 when it’s pixelated.

Then that’s gonna take us more than a YEAR to create

Maybe when you create it your son or daughter will have family

it should be less than a unique to create if it follows the rarity logic

More than a unique. Why would you think less?

my bad i got it confused it actually increase with rarity, for some reason i thought it decreased… seeing how they increase by 50 it should be 300 DNA to unlock it, since uniques need 250