Unlocking segnosuars

My herbivore line up needs work and I would love some segnosuchuses but of course I don’t have segnosarus unlocked. Anyone know when there will be a tournament or unlocking for it?

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It had a Clash of Titans in June/July of 2020, followed by a tournament in July 2020. So, it will probably be a while before it shows up again.

On the other hand, it could be available next week. Ludia does not share their future plans with us.


Damn I quit for like 2 years so I missed so much. Ok thanks though! Any recommendations for good herbivores

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We are on the same boat man, just finished my sentence upon this one on the Good News thread. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I will call her Lev Friedman if we have an event for her soon. :grin::grin: (Serious. Very. Serious.)


Where you around for the armormata ingredient unlocks a couple of months ago? That would be another viable Herbivore option, outside of that it’s Monostegotops but if you get into a legendary only event you will be potentially stuck without the Monostegotop.


You have no idea how bad you missed out on that one, not to make ya feel worse but it was crazy.

Segnosaurus’s everywhere, it’s hard to remember all the details but something like this.

CoT went on for a bit, can’t remember if it was long enough to get the Segno prize or not?? Either way, there was an issue with the CoT reseting, Ludia gifted everyone a Segnosaurus, and the CoT was still active so you could easily get another, I think some people got 3 from the debacle. Then there was the Tournament for 1 as well. Again the details are a little hazy on my part but they were popping out left and right.

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It was just long enough for VIPs to unlock Segnosaurus. It was wild