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Unlocking special event dinos

Ok, it’s nice to get new dinos but I would like to see more events to unlock dinos in the market. I have been playing for months and these events are too few. Yes, I know we just had one for the cenozic sloth but I have a huge amount of dinos that I would like to buy so I can level up ones that I have won off a prize wheel but can’t level any further because it has to be unlocked by a special event. Seriously, let’s get working on this please before we get a bunch of new ones that cost crazy amounts of dna. Thank you.

You are playing for months, I play for over 2 years and there are still dinos that I haven’t unlocked yet. Patience is the most valuable skill in this game.


Just grind dude

That’s crazy. I have patience but it doesn’t make sense to me to bring out new stuff that is nearly unattainable with the current dinos and tourneys that you get are low level even maxed out. No matter how much you grind a tiercetops at level forty doesn’t get any better when better stuff could be unlocked. I have won the same stuff over and over again. Food, coin, tiercetops or some other equally boring low level dino.

Then don’t get triceratops buy better stuff like T. rex with DNA and hybrids and stuff… just get good lol

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Speaking of unlocking Dino’s does anyone know how to unlock the hauffiosaurus. It was added a few weeks ago and as far as I know the only possible way to attain it as of yet is through the packs


I don’t think you can yet, it’s been like that for awhile. I wouldn’t be surprised it had a unlock event in the next few months.

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@Chris1: as you get more and more dino cards through PvP, and as you hatch and evolve them, you will get better prizes (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite). Eventually, you’ll get enough cards that unlocking many dinos will be unnecessary. A few weeks ago, there was a Dolichorhynchops unlock. I worked my tail off to unlock that dinosaur. And then… I realize I already had enough cards of her from PvP to upgrade her to level 40 anyway. The only dinos I ever spend DNA on are hybrids and tournament/Clash unlocks. If you have time and desire to do PvP enough, you can eventually get a wide variety of different level creatures without needing to worry about many unlocks. Eventually, your hatchery will have hundreds (literally) of cards that you don’t have time to hatch.

Keep playing and having fun. You’ll get there.


I am talking about what you win, not buying.

I think it is part of the philosophy of the game. It is supposed to frustrate you by being time consuming and giving you unsatisfactory rewards for your progress.
From my point of view there are three ways to handle the game.
Be cool and be happy with every little step you make, spent real money (that is what Ludia would like to see) or, if you are really frustrated, quit the game.

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I have been playing for a bit over a year and have taken a very systematic approach to the game. I participate in almost every event and strive to unlock a creature if it is available to be unlocked. What everyone has said up above is correct over time if you play enough you will unlock your creatures in due time. The only short cut in the game is purchases, if you can spare the cash I suggest you do the VIP membership as it is well worth the money IMHO. The benefits of this far outweighs any of the card pack purchases.

I only have the following to unlock, some of these I remember being offered when I was first starting in tournaments but I didn’t even understand at the time that creatures were unlockable in the tournaments. But even if I did there would have been now way for me to have hit Dominator with the line up of creatures I had when I started.

The game is a grind if you want to unlock everything in the shortest amount of time possible with spending as little if any real money. Find what works for you and play the game that way, but if you are looking for a short cut there isn’t one for unlocking creatures.


Here you can see what is still locked for me after more than 2 years. I possess most of them, received in special card packs or bought some of them at the harbour, but they are still locked.


I’m even newer in the game than you are so I can definitely sympathize. It really seemed like when I first started playing that if you didn’t spend real money to buy stuff, the game slowed to an intolerable crawl. But I kept slogging it out collecting assets and doing every mission and battle I possibly could and my roster of dinos grew to the point that now even though it’s still not a game I can just play however long I want to, due to the time needed between battles for dinos to recover, and time to hatch and incubate new ones, and I definitely made a lot of mistakes early on in what I spent assets on, so have learned to better manage those to best move up in the game. For every 10 crappy rewards for PvP battles I get, I manage to land on something really good, I’m at level 28 and have a level 20 T-Rex, and a hybrid that I’m working on leveling up and at least 6 legendary creatures I need to hatch out still along with a dozen super rares. Certainly I could zip right through all of those if I wanted to pay the cash for it (or hack the game, something I have the technical know-how to do but have never been a fan of particularly for games with competitions between players), but I definitely am starting to appreciate the patience needed to grow your roster and progress through the game. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how far in the community tournaments and events I’ve been able to get being so new (landed in the top 10% in the last one, currently up to level 16 on the Boss… I would think that’s pretty good for only playing for a couple weeks, and not buying my way up). When you’re a newbie you have to appreciate the small victories and achievements and not worry about having every creature in the game unlocked because that’s going to take time. Have a goal of enjoying the journey, not be focused on the destination alone.

I agree that the VIP membership is well worth it at least when you are new if you can do that at least, some of my best acquisitions so far have come from saving up enough loyalty points to get the special packs. I’m not opposed to a company getting some of my money for a game I play religiously, so I don’t mind signing up for that monthly fee, I think I’ve gotten a lot more from that $10 through VIP packs and the loyalty packs than just spending $10 on a single pack or bundle of cash, although I do wish the game was a little less crippled particularly early on if you don’t want to dump tons of cash into it. It really was almost enough to make me quit. But I’m glad I stuck with it as I’m definitely finding that the further you get, the more you are able to do each day just by collecting assets in the game.


I think you are on a good way, VIP membership is the best real money investment to make progress.


Thanks, I just wish I could figure this PvP part out. If anyone can point me to a good thread or two, I have found some basic tips but not a real comprehensive discussion of strategy. I seem to still lose more than half even when I’m keeping track of the points and trying to make sure my roster is balanced evenly, and has different classes in it, etc. since I still am having to guess at how much the AI is going to block vs. reserve. It doesn’t help any that the AI seems to more times than not always put a dino in the first spot that has advantage over mine so I not only start the game on the second turn but having to swap out my dino too, leaving me two points instead of just one behind. Probably doesn’t help that in some areas I’m still building up my roster so I’m definitely often getting outmatched due to not having all 3 really close on stats. I generally don’t have any problem in the events where I can pick my roster when seeing who they have to fight. And then those times where I perfectly manage the game and win I get these incredibly sucky rewards so often I wonder why I keep trying… I mean I don’t expect to get a nice card or dna every spin, but if they are going to give us sucky stuff like gold or food 90% of the time, can it at LEAST be more than I can earn myself in like, a minute of game time?

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My PVP strategy is to pick creatures close together on ferocity.
First creature is the one with the highest health
Last creature is the one with the highest attack.

My general goal with my first creature is to use her to get 4 reserve points. If I go first, my first action depends on if I can survive taking one, two, or zero hits. I also think about if there is a a stronger creature the computer could switch to. If I can survive two hits, I reserve. If two hits will kill me or a switch could kill me, I block. If I am about to be one-hit killed, I reserve.

After that, I block what I can/need to in order to build up to 4 reserve points. Hopefully, the computer’s creature uses all of its action points to kill my 1st creature. Now I (hopefully) have 8 action points to use.

If I go second, I reserve all the way the first two rounds and hope my first creature doesn’t die until at least round three.


Yes, I’ve always been putting up ones close on ferocity, but I still get completely outmatched, as just happened in my latest try. First attacker had same attack as all of mine but twice as much health as any of them, blocked when he had a kill shot but he reserved and had no chance after that. Really sucks when you are just trying to learn this game and you aren’t even given a reasonably fair chance, and it seems the harder I try, the worse I do. Hopefully these ideas will help because I’m about at my wit’s end with losing so much.

Hold the line.
When I started it took approximately half a year before I was strong enough to survive PvP in a regular basis. And I’m still investigating strategies for my team to treat different types of setup on my opponents side. Don’t be too frustrated by task that you cannot accomplish at the moment. Equip your park, hatch and evolve and see what happens.

Thanks, that’s good to hear, since I just tried again and lost yet again. I’m getting so frustrated as I had been winning at least half the time, now I am usually losing. It really seems like I did better when I didn’t try to figure out a strategy so much. I just wish there were more things to do other than just sitting around waiting for stuff to hatch, that I didn’t feel compelled to keep torturing myself, but it’s kind of the one thing that’s always there to do.

Unfortunately sitting around and wait is one of the frequently things you do if you do not want to spent too much real money. It is not a game to play for hours however to play 5 minutes every x to y hours.

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