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Unlocking week - super rare aquatic

Hi Ludia, can you please finaly made super rare aquatic unlocking week without level cup, like the rare land creatures has a few months ago, or also common creatures before some time has?

I am level 99 and still I have locked Xiphactinus, Psephoderma and Leptoclaidus, the sadder is, they are necessary for hybrids. Even i get 8 leptoclaidus cards from events and fused him, due to his health and the fact that for some reason, I almost always lack reef types in events, Leptoclaidus was a significant loss for me. I am not alone with that. There are many more of us who needs least one of this creatures unlock and has higher level, than 60. I think I speak for all, when i say, is frustrating for us, see in weeks events notifications, how players lower, than 60 can easily get them and we, higher level players get over and over again the same creatures that we all have unlocked long ago and don’t need them, instead of the ones we really need to unlock.

So please make for us higher level players (61 above levels) Unlocking week - super rare aquatic


Same I am missing psephoderma leptocleidus and baculites

I’m missing Xiphactinus, not a single copy for me. L99/playing since January.

I’ve not unlocked Leptocleidus, Elasmosaurus and Styxosaurus