Unlockt Dino's

Hello there.

I have a little suggestion regarding the unlockt special event dino’s.
Cause when a new event comes along to unlock a dino u are only able to see that u eather unlockt it or not when u don’t have the respective dino in the inventory waiting on a free hatchery spot.
Wich is kind of a nucance since i personaly have acumulated quite a variety of dino’s over the time,
and not enough bucks/time to hatch all the dino’s from my inventory.
So i am unable to see if i unlockt a dino or not when an event pops up.

So here is my idea.
How about if we put a little icon in the inventory @ the respective dino’s wich we unlockt.

For instance the Eryops dino wich i have unlockt or the Nodosaurus wich i havn’t unlockt.
So that if u scroll thru the inventory of dino’s that the Eryops has a little “star” on the card and the Nodosaurus doesn’t.
That way it’s easy to see if u did of didn’t unlock the respective dino.

Lemmie hear your thoughts on the subject.
Kind regards Coen

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You can filter your inventory by “locked” so you can see which dinosaurs you have waiting to hatch that you haven’t actually unlocked yet. It is an extra step over what you have laid out above but an option.