Unloved or forgotten creatures

Post your favorite creatures that seem unloved now and pretty much forgotten since they don’t perform as well in the arena


100% Wuerhosaurus - my original reply to RAPTOR META way back in the day! :joy:
I’m still waiting for a hybrid :crossed_fingers:


I´m still using her since the event where she appeared, is very effective as long as not fight against Thora or whatever dont have Instant action

These creatures need some serious love Screenshot_20190611-171716 Screenshot_20190611-171655
These creatures are seriously unloved. Buff them both @Ludia_Developers please


When I first started playing back at launch, I had a thing for this girl here.

Used her for awhile, then like a lot of folks back then, I discovered Einiosuchus.

Durring the raptor meta, around 1.2, 1.3, I started using this girl here.

She was amazing in that meta, i always won, (and I mean 100%), 3 - 0 if the opponent used 3 types of raptors, and a lot of folks did back then.

During my mid levels, it was all about this gorgeous girl here.

She did very well for me. :relaxed:

These days one of my new faves is this girl here.

Its more of a pet project, but I am trying to get her to team level and eventually boosted. :heart_eyes:

This last one isnt unloved or forgotten, jts just becoming one of my favorite dinos.


I like both of those…but yes they dont last against Thor and other high powered dinos

Have you seen @Stiffeno’s Noodle? Nodo still kicking names and taking …


Postimetrodon, Gorgosuchus, Stegoceratops, Tragodistis and Einiasuchus were in my team for a very long time.
I recently finally got rid of my completely worn out 28 Stegodeus. Also used Indominus Rex and Monomimus quite a bit.
Next to go is probably Spinotasuchus, but I think I’ll stick to Monostegotops for a while longer.

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Never thought I’d bench Tator … just doesn’t seem to work in the boost-Meta; I can get Stegodeus to L29, maybe even L30 and would like to give it a spin but too much risk to boost it to the needed level.


Ahh yes, but I thought he had the Titan version. Still impressive either way.

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The games most unloved creature … DNA farm since week 2 …


Ah yeah - you’re right - titan version - they look the same on first glance … my bad

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Not unloved or forgotten, but I do miss these two. They got me through a lot. :heart:

I try to bring them out for friendly challenges.
Stegodeus is also one of my favorites. She comes out for friendly battles and sometimes the strike towers. :blush:


Nodopatosaurus is still the coolest looking Sauropod IMO. :smiley:


Diplotator for me. Used to be a beast at stopping tanks. Then one day the nerf came and half of it’s health was gone. The distracting strike is useless because even absorbing half the damage isn’t enough to stop the damage that is done these days.


Loved using the rare raptors when I started. They really should be more useful at higher levels considering they were such a big part of the theme. Besides, who doesn’t love Owen’s raptor pack?


Delta was my go to raptor! Even over the regular Velociraptor. A little bit of an embarrassing story. When I first got her I was confused by her impact and run move. So I was constantly swapping her back in, which must have had my opponents scratching their heads wondering what on earth I am doing. Lol😅


I still remember how excited I was to find a Wuerhosaurus outside of the movie theater before seeing Fallen Kingdom!

For me it is dinosaurs in general. There are too many hybrids and that is all that gets played. :frowning:


This… I hate that the best dinosaurs are all hybrids I prefer to have a “real” once.