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Unlucky turtle

Hi guys, today Ive seen Caebonemys Not once but twice, it spawned on top of me in the same płace today and both od the times when I clicked on it, it got me to darting and the tortoise suddebly dissapeared. Am I the only one experiencing this issue? It happened many times before but now Its a creature that I desperately need:-/

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I’ve had 2 appear on me, I tap it frantically but nothing happens, then it disappears. Twice in 2 weeks. Like it was a visual glitch.

Were you moving faster than walking speed? I putt putt through the park roads in my car and they appear, but within seconds disappear. I’ve backed up and they reappear.

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Proximity spawns are hidden throughout the map. They only reveal themselves when you are about 50 meters close to them. If you immediately return to where you saw it, it should reveal itself again.

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Turtle is the new daily mission reward, so don’t feel too bad