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Unmatch and reset?

Hello! When I started playing I naturally didn’t know that some characters had doubles. Now that I do know, I would like to change some of my matches to match with the double instead. This doesn’t seem to be possible even when unmatching. Could you introduce a feature that allows this?

I don’t know why it can’t be done already, but if it’s because the story progression is still saved and the code makes it impossible to match with a character whose double has an ongoing story in progress with the account, or something like that, then maybe an option to unmatch and reset, so that the story progression with that particular character is lost, and the other character can be matched with, as if there had never been a match to begin with?

And no, I don’t care that it’s the exact same story. I just want to be able to choose between the doubles instead of being stuck with one of them because I had no idea that I had to choose between them. :slight_smile: Wouldn’t mind being able to match with both of them at the same time either, could be a fun way to try different dialogue options.

I like this suggestion and I also wish we could have some way to unmatch with a character so that we could match with their counterpart instead if we preferred them for whatever reason(s).

I did the same story with two counterpart characters on different devices (one on my ipod and one on my phone) to try out different dialogue options and for the CGs since I liked the designs of both characters. Although I admittedly ditched the one on my ipod, but it was fun while it lasted.

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