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I just got a notification that said “Look out person will unmatch with you soon”. WHY!! I THOUGHT THEY FIXED THIS BUG ALREADY!! :sob::sob::sob:

If the match is “away for a while” then don’t worry, as I presume you already know, but the bug itself wasn’t fixed unfortunately. I don’t get the notification as often, but I have gotten it once or twice.

So they won’t unmatch us?

All my matches are on break and I have recieved that message several times, but all of my matches are still there. So I assume they haven’t unmatched me and will still be chatting when they are updated.

Yep, it’s just a bug and they won’t actually unmatch with you as Karina_D said. Even in the case if a character ever unmatches with you or vice versa you can always rematch with them later and resume the story where you left off with them.

Thank you!!