Unmatchable characters and match filters

Hi, I’m new here and I’ve been playing Lovelink for a month now. The first time around I got matched with all the characters I wanted to and played their routes until they all went on indefinite breaks until the devs continued their stories. Okay. Understandable. I figured I should remove and reinstall the game with a clean slate so I could match with their ‘counterparts’ in the meantime, and that’s when things get annoying…

You see, I keep getting matched with characters who are unmatchable! Julia Greene, Fei Wu, Felicia Fatale, Nina Hawke, etc. and they take up spaces in the match pool that should’ve been for other characters who are actually matchable. Imagine my constant disappointment when I waited all night long for the matches to refresh only for the majority of the new matches ended up being characters that I can’t even match with. Why are they still there if we can’t match with them? It’s very annoying, to say the least.

The second issue I have is that, admiteddly, I matched only with female characters, yet most of the time I seem to get paired up with male characters more often than not. I wish there could be a filter feature where players can select their preferences on whether they like to match with male or female characters, or both. It’s not a complicated thing to implement and I was a bit disappointed that it isn’t here.

That’s it for the moment. Those are not major problems, but they’re pretty annoying and if left unchecked for too long, it could potentially turn players away from the game. At least that’s my two cents.


hello there,have been on for a few months. am now stuck with the option of starting again or just waiting the time out & collecting gems. having matched with all the character’s that can match with& not being able to put up with two of the last ones am now left with nothing but collecting gems& chat list is full of those that are “away” did not even like some of them all that much but now can not even un-match to be able to talk to there counter parts.
had mentioned a few times not just in comments to others that wanted to be able to choose who am matched with& things like that but who knows if or when anything will be done about that. as if not being able to match with other character’s if there counter part is away & or being able to just talk to anyone you actually want to & not get stuck with those you don’t would be a lot better then it seams to be.


The dev team is catering first and foremost to the female player base that prefers the male characters, and the latter most likely brings in the most profit for the company. Of course, expanding to be more inclusive of other players could and would be a wise decision, but not one that Ludia seems interested in making. So there will always be a significant difference in the number of male to female characters that can be matched with and that will be introduced, unfortunately.

All the characters you mentioned who are unable to be matched with still have been there since the app launched and still have yet to receive any story content. Yet Ludia continues to add more new characters and give them story content despite the many that have been hanging out in the profile pool for months with no sign of ever getting any story written for them, or when if they will.


The first time I played through the game I ended up with all grey characters and no option to unmatch, so I deleted and reinstalled it so I could start over as I mentioned above. It’s not ideal as it meant I’m losing all progress I’ve made, but it’s the only way I could match up with other options, even if they’re really just same stories happening to another person.

And yep, the ability to choose which match gender that I preferred should have been utilized already. It’s not that hard to implement, right?

The first point is understandable and I have no problem with it. Lovelink seems to favor female player base than male player, and that would be okay for me…if only they could just implement a mechanic where the player could choose the prefered gender of their matches to appear in the pool. That way someone who preferred female characters don’t have to sit through the many male matches that appeared, or if one wants to pick both genders then that’s always an option as well. It’s not that difficult of a system to implement, being able to pick your gender preference in the setting.

The second part is not so understadable IMO. Why keep characters that don’t even have stories yet in the pool just because they might have updated stories for them later? Even worse when they ignore those characters in favor of adding new characters that will just eventually ended up greying out sooner or later. It doesn’t make sense and is actually detrimental to the gameplay experience when players want to match with a character only to find that they can’t because those matches don’t even have stories yet, or when players try to match someone else who do have stories but have to sit through the various ummatchables just because for some reason the devs decided to keep them in the pool.

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you would think there would have been more options for us but once you run out of people you like theres not really. besides just staying put& collecting gems. using them to unlock the pics you want& saving the rest for whenever it is you get to talk to those you want to again. no idea when that will be :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Like many dating/romance games of this nature, the predominantly female (and often heterosexual, or at least favoring males) is nearly always the primary target player base, which is unfortunate. If they expanded to being more inclusive of players who favored female characters they could potentially increase their profit as more people may be willing to spend money. That said, I do also very much see the validity in wanting an option to set gender preferences as having a male-dominant selection of characters means the profile pool will most likely always have more male characters appear thus it being wasteful as the random set of 10 characters you have to swipe through will likely mostly be male.

I’m not defending the choice to keep so many characters left in the character pool who don’t have any story content released for them and yet they’ve been there since the launch of the app. In fact, I disagree with the choice the dev team made to leave them there. Especially since we have no idea when or if they’ll ever receive content at this rate, and the prolonged presence of them with no word of will they get content dampens any initial excitement for them. The dev team should’ve left them out of the profile pool until closer to a release of story for them, and more so since they keep adding brand new characters who weren’t there in the pool previously only for them to get content first before the ones who have been there since launch. The choice to leave those story-less characters in the pool is probably an attempt to maintain hype for them (which is fast-dwindling for many, myself included) and so that there is the appearance of there being many more characters than there actually are available to match with. Also probably to give the appearance of there being more female characters in the game than there actual are (to match with) as if only the characters who could be matched with were in the profile pool then the female characters would be even more largely outnumbered by the male characters.

I’m just here for the day Felicia Fatale is released, if she ever is, but I’m growing quite weary of waiting. And the only characters who I had any remote interest in that had some story content have been greyed out for a long time, so my interested now compared to the launch of the app has severely declined.


At this point, I’d probably just pick a character I wanted to match with and just stay with her until I exhausted her route, then just remove the app and reinstall it from clean slate again and again. Since the first match doesn’t have cooldowns, I can switch out the matches until I can get the one character I actually wanted while ignoring others that I’m not interested or can’t even match with. Rinse and repeat. I guess it’s the only thing we can do at this point.