Unmatched to get alternate guy

I unmatched 2 people cause I wanted the alternate person but with the same story. But when I swipe right, we don’t match. Does that mean I can’t match with them anymore cause I matched with the first ones?? Sad. Also I hope the guys that go away for a while come back. I like this game. It’s entertaining. Please don’t stop updating the matches! :heart:


The ones that are away for a while will be updated, we just don’t know when. Some have taken a lot more time to be updates than others as well.

And from what I’ve seen, if you start a story with one character even if you unmatch them you won’t be able to match with a counterpart character. The only way to do so is to match with a character, NOT start the story at all (tap on their icon when it’s still in the timer phase and go straight round their profile) and instead immediately unmatch with them, then match with the counterpart. The latter I tested with Stefan and Oliver.

So it’s not possible to match with the counter part anymore? I would have to start the game over? If I decide to match with the ones I’ve matched before will we start over?

It never seemed to be possible at all. There wa one claim that a person’s friend could do it, but no evidence presented and no one has been able to recreate the result.

If you uninstall the app to refresh progress then yes, you will have to start completely over. Gems and any premium options you have made will not carry over.

It’s kind of a shame that it’s set up so that once you match with someone and start the conversation you’re stuck with them, but I get it too in case you change you’re mind about unmatching them and especially if you spent diamonds on them. Still, it would be nice to be able to unmatch with a character and start that story over if we wanted to pick someone else instead from that storyline group.

This sucks… :sob: What a waste of progress and gems if I have to start over… I hope they fix that…

Agreed. This is my number 1 complaint right now. I contacted support about it and asked if it were possible to get my $10 of gems back if I restart, and they said no. Which honestly makes me 0% likely to ever pay for gems again. If I can’t swap characters without losing my purchase progress, then I don’t want to risk paying for gems. I wish I had known about counterparts before I spent money. There are a number of characters I would not have swiped right on. Mario, Jaden, Min Jae… I prefer all of their counterparts. I’ve unmatched them, and I keep swiping right on Hugo, Skylar, and Liam with no luck. I’m actually really hesitant to swipe right on anyone now before their counterparts are confirmed on here, and even then, they might add counterparts I like more later (since now they’re doing trios). Basically I play it super safe and don’t swipe right on any new people anymore unless they are Gabe. :sweat_smile:


So I swiped right on the people I unmatched, the story continues. Guess we have to suck it up and stick with them and not their alternate. :sob:

Yeah that’s how it works, though I also see it as a benefit if you end up changing your mind later like I did with a couple people when I decided I wanted to use them as diamond mines.

I only managed to switch characters when, as I mentioned, you don’t start the story at all and immediately unmatch with them.

Yeah, thank you for that. I don’t want to start over. So I’m sticking to the ones I unmatched with. If I ever see them again.

I have 8 guys that are “away” so I have no idea what to do now. I really hope they continue each story.

Omg nooo. My game restarted at 24 matches. I had no idea some storylines were repeated. Now I can’t match with Antoine again or Raphael or Vitoria. :’(

I stopped playing for a while because I was frustrated about not being able to change for counterparts. I finally gave up, deleted, and reinstalled the app. So I’m starting over from the ground up and swapping Jaden, Min-Jae, and Marco for Skylar, Liam, and Hugo. This seems the only way it works. I lost my progress and my money, but at least I can finally get the matches I prefer. And I know not to spend money on gems anymore in the future. :sweat_smile:

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