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Unmatching characters on break

I noticed that when characters are on break you can’t unmatch them. This is a problem because when you reach the maximum amount of matches and most of them are on break you can’t unmatch them to make space for new matches. I recommend increasing the maximum amount of matches you can have (if that’s how it works, although I feel like it may also be because the more matches you have, the lower the chances of getting new ones) or at least giving us the ability to unmatch characters on break so we can play more stories while we wait for the ones on break to come back. This would definitely increase engagement with the app and allow for more chances for us to spend our gems. It would definitely be a win for everyone! I would also like to link my other suggestion since it hasn’t been reviewed yet (Easier scrolling, etc). Thank you!


Actually I was playing today and noticed that one of my characters on break has gone missing (Angel Reed)


That’s strange… but I have heard someone else say that when their matches went on break they couldn’t talk to them, but still got notifications about how they would unmatch if they didn’t talk soon. Perhaps you just didn’t get notified that they would unmatch? :man_shrugging:

I like this idea. I know a few matches that I have that are on break that I’d like to unmatch. Or even if they did increase the amount of matches you could have would be great.


I was thinking, it would be good to have a maximums of active characters at any given time. So if an inactive character comes back you could choose then who you want to move forward with.


Sign, please give us unmatch for greyed chars. Or let us match the couterpart characters.

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would love this to be available too,have too many away& not as much room in “inbox” for those am talking to