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Unmatching Gimmick

I’m not sure if it has been implemented or not and I know this gimmick is made so that makes it seem as if we’ve been chatting with real people… but given how the gems are rather slow to farm without buying, it would be nice if this system is toned down or removed entirely. At the end, it’s still just a game. I’ve been farming gems for a while now so that I could pick premium choices, and haven’t resumed my conversations with them but I have received two or three unmatching notice. And eventually one of them did and I haven’t found them again. It’s a bit shame, really…

So yeah, I’d like it if while collecting gems to certain amount to resume my chat with the matches they just don’t unmatch randomly. That kinda ruins the fun of playing the game for me. Not sure about anyone else though…

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The unmatching is part of an attempt to emulate how someone would likely unmatch in real life if you haven’t responded in a few days, but I get that it can be frustrating if you’re farming for diamonds and trying to avoid paying for them. Not sure how likely it is that that aspect of the game will be removed when it seems the dev team are trying hard (sometimes a little too hard with some things, in my opinion) to emulate real life with regards to a dating app.

Their profile will reappear in the profile pool if you unmatch with them (or vice versa), but it’s random as to when they will appear again. It also likely feels like they aren’t showing up often enough either because they’re someone you’re looking for (I forget the term, but some kind of bias), though some do seem to appear a little more frequently than others for me. But if I’m hoping to find someone in particular then they often feel like they rarely ever show up.

At least if you rematch you can resume the conversation where you left off, but like I said I understand your frustration.

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Perhaps it could be made like… once you have reached certain levels of connection, maybe when you and your match have reached emoji relationship level, they will never randomly unmatch you. Wouldn’t that be nice…?

It would be and I would like that as well. I’m just saying this from the perspective of what the dev team is going for and that even if you had a high relationship status some it wouldn’t be uncommon for someone to unmatch with you if you stopped replying for several days as the other person would likely take it as you’re losing interest in them. But as I said, them not unmatching with you when you’re trying to save up diamonds if you don’t pay for them after meeting a certain milestone in the relationship status would be very nice.

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