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I unmatched a few guys bc I wanted the counterpart instead. The counterpart has declined me now. Is there no way to get the counterpart now even if you delete the other one? I would not like to start over as I have already spent money on the game

I tried the same thing with the same result, but I can try again on my throwaway account on a different device to see what would happen. It may be because if you were to ever match with them again you’d simply resume the storyline where you left off rather than delete the entire conversation thus restarting your relationship with them back to zero.

Update: Someone Told me they unmatched a guy and got declined by the counterpart 2 times and matched on the 3rd time. So it may be possible :thinking:

Ohh that’s good to know! I’m pretty okay with the ones I got compared to the counterparts for them that I know of, but still useful to know in case. Thanks for sharing!