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Unmerge facebook?

Is it possible to unmerge facebook but keep my guest account?

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Try clearing your device’s caches!

But that would erase everything

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Force lose connection and log in with visitor

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Ive already done that but it still says my accounts data is connected to facebook

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If your google account is connected to Facebook then the problem will continue to persist!
What device are we talking about?

Samsung a50

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you have to go to the three lines on the top right.
if you go all the way down there is a door with EXIT written next to it.


this 10 characters thing is annoying

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You show me your Facebook home screen (you can cover whatever you want)!

Go here!

scroll down and send me another image!

Tell me if you did it!

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Uhhh i think ill stick with my facebook

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So does it work?

No I just dont feel right, I think ill just email the support team but thanks for the help!

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He means he wants disconnect jw tg from facebook not log out of it.


I did this when I switched from fab to apple.

You will need to email support to disconnect the two.

If you are just going by key, you will need to logout on your device to check that the default key is still the sam or you will need to switch to the default key too.

I wanna do it too, but I’m just too lazy, I was about to do it but then I had to email support for a missing Parasaurolophus and didn’t want to have two tickets simultaneously.
Post your result once you do it. I don’t have a Facebook account so my game is linked to my dad’s and he doesn’t like it. I want to link my account to Apple’s gamecenter.

Mine too i dont have my own account so I asked my mom

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