Unnecessary Ardentismaxima and IndoraptorG2 buff

Come on… as the title says, why? Maxima literally has no counters. It does exceptionally well against everything. Yes even vs. tryko. If it crits on the DI or DR, tryko is dead. If it crits on both, tryko is mega dead. If it doesn’t crit on both, tryko is left with very little health. Yet you buff Maxima even more. So unnecessary. It was borderline op, now it’s broken.

As for Indoraptor Gen2… another one that is broken. Sure, it requires blue dna which is not easy to acquire but it still is a legendary. Trex gen2 is easy to get, and echo dna isnt hard to find. Best chances to drop a rare scent at night in L1 and voila, all that’s needed is blue. Specifically, you state because of the change to dodge to 75%, indoraptor’s attack got nerfed yet Indoraptor Gen 2 gets untouched.
Unique vs. Legendary. Yet on every single move, indoraptor gen 2, is better. Why mess with indo1? It should at least match indo2’s attack and gain definite rampage as well. Even then, indo2 would still have the upperhand.
Give indoraptor1 the real love it deserves.



Indo2 and Indo1 should really be swapped (rarity) given their components and movesets. Another example where the Legendary is better than the Unique. I tend to think Indo2 is too strong (esp “Cautious” strike - which is the biggest misnomer out there) rather than Indo1 being too weak.


here’s my opinion on this matter.

Indo g1 is essentially a prototype. There were limited quantities created hence the unique status.
Indo g2 is the improved version. Confident in the product, more were created for “sale” so to speak, hence the legendary status.

So indo g2 being better than og indo isn’t at all out of place if you think about it in context of the franchise. That being said, it’s still a bit overpowered.


Indo 1
Trex = global any time spawn
Velo = global night spawn

Indo 2
Trex2 = friday spawn
Echo = local night spawn
Blue = event exclusive

So tell me, why should Indo1 be better then Indo2?
Unique or Legendary doesnt matter, its the ingredients that matter.


imo they should replace indoraptor gen 2s cautios strike with something like evasive strike, or distraction, or shielding strike, or pinning strike or shielding decelerating strike or something, and then either remove cautios strike from the game entirely (hopefully along side with swap in rampage) or atleast give it to some other, less OP creature(s) that maybe deserves it more (in my opinion velociraptor, both because it has literally the lowest hp of all creatures in the game and can be one shot by almost everything in the game atm, and also because it’s such an iconic dinosaur, especially in the actual movie franchise this very game was/is based on)

Echo and trex gen 2 is way easier to find than epic trex. Indo1 is also an icon of the movie. It deserves to at least have one move better than indo2. Or leave as is, and nerf indo2 in some way. Indo1 literally is inferior on every single move. While it’s good, indo2 is simply better. Why? Echo and trex 2, you can also acquire through donations while trex, you can’t. Sure sanctuaries. But that takes quite a bit of time. Indo1’s components also have other hybrids to use the dna on. Erlidom and Tryko. Both uniques. Indo2’s has tenontorex as the only unique to use the components dna on.

You compare the availability of rare dna with that of an epic. That doenst make sense.

Indo1 is an icon but in the movie, yes. But what about Blue?

You can say whatever you want, but at least Indo2 has 1 so hard to get ingredient (Blue) that makes it a lot of sense why its that good. Finally Ludia doing something good with hybrids that have hard to get ingredients (looking at you DC).

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My point was Ludia specifically said that due to the tweak to dodge, so and so dinos were also altered, including indo. Sooo where’s indo2’s nerf in damage as well? Or you agree that indo1 deserved to get its attack nerfed while continuing to buff indo2? It would be ridiculous if that’s the case and THAT makes no sense.
They buffed him unnecessarily and that’s the reality of it.

As for DC, at this point, it’s more “annoying” than it is “op”. It’s effective at what it does. Period. It gets one-shot by many dinos now, plus lots of viable dinos are now immune so it took a hit. But “annoying” isn’t the same as op or broken. Look at monostegotops, it does essentially what DC does though less damage but one could argue it’s “overpowered” simply because its beefy, has regen and shield. Rinse and repeat. But it’s not. It’s simply “annoying”.

On the other hand, Maxima and Indo2—they are overpowered.


I get your point with the missing nerf for Indo2 compared ti Indo1. But from your point of view you can also think “well, at least they buff something thats very hard to get”.

Whats wrong with that?

DC is a whole other discussion. I was only referring to the ingredient/power comparison. Wheter DC is annoying, OP or hated, there are enough threads about that.

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Maxima still has the glaring flaw of being complete setupfodder.

When it’s not losing to Thor, which it has no chance of beating in an arena setting, where every thor is huge, and tryko, it’s being forced into a position where it can be set up on by plenty of dinos. In that regard, it’s balanced. It’s a stellar 1v1 dualist, but not an incredible team player or a dino that can stick around. I do think the buff was a bit excessive. I think it was perfect in 1.9, but I’m not gonna pick up my pitchfork over 300 more health. It’s fairly easy to dispose of.

As for IndoG2, do people really care that much about a dino that uses a tournament exclusive dino, which is also nearly impossible to keep at team level being super powerful? Barely anyone is gonna run the thing at team level. It’s perfectly reasonable for something that uses Blue to be powerful. Indoraptor is the easiest unique to get and level; it doesn’t deserve to be as powerful or even on the same power level as G2.

laughs in Dracoceratops

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If that maxima is just as boosted and around the same level as thor, Maxima is actually able to handle thor. Its setup fodder afterwards though since it wont have much hp left after

Nothing wrong with them. Learn some counters


There are no counters for Maxima… no “real” counters that is.

I’m okay with indo2 keeping its kit as is but only if indo gets, say DR and/or an increase in attack. Literally everything it has is inferior to indo2.

Good luck finding a thor in the arena that maxima can face 1v1.

Unique Indoraptor is a prototype and is made of paper mache
Indoraptor Gen 2 is the better version that can stand up to level 23 dinos even at level 16. How do I know this? I know this because I used her in tournament and she impressed the hell out of me taking out a boosted level 23 Thor

They’ll probably get nerfed when the next major update (1.11) comes.

From a pure movie standpoint indo couldnt beat blue… so if you take another next gen indo and add blue to it… it should be superior in every way to the original indoraptor.


Exactly since Indo Gen 2 is the offspring of Blue’s lineage

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