Unnecessary Ardentismaxima and IndoraptorG2 buff

You do realize that IndoG2 is 10x harder to obtain and level right? There is absolutely no reason for IndoG2 to not be superior to the G1.


keep in mind blue only won thanks to plot armour and a stupidly conveniently placed ceratopsian skull who just happened to be right under them when they fell with the indoraptor stupidly conveniently and luckily (for blue) falling in JUST the right position to get impaled by the horns. not to mention the fact that without the stupid plot armour ruining everything, blue would most likely have been killed off by the indominus rex back in jurassic world 1 from 2015, speaking of which, i am 99% sure that the indominus rex would’ve fairly easily and fairly quickly (probably even faster than the spinosaurus killed off that juvenile t-rex in jurassic park 3) have killed off rexy back in jurassic world 1 from 2015 aswell (yes, even if rexy would have been in her full prime and everything), if it wasn’t for rexy’s darn plot armour/fan armour ruining everything…

laughs in boost reset

Either way, thor being crazy boosted is what made it still usable. In actuality, Thoradolosaur sucks hard in this meta, and with how boosts are being handled now, i feel Thor suffers the most since it cant go gun-ho with every stat anymore, and it will have to give up hp or speed in order to keep it’s attack up. Itll still see use, but i overall feel Thor’s usage is going to drop significantly. I plan to drop mine in favor of a different creature on my 1.10 team

You know youre bad when the two creatures (Gemini and Ardentis) youre supposed to counter can beat you 1v1 equal levels and boosts

Maybe thats because all of Indo1’s ingredients are inferior to Indo2’s ingredients as well.

I agree, indo g2 and ardentis are too brocken right now. It’s right that ardentis is not a really great team player but the fact that it can beat everything 1 vs 1, even tryko that in 1.9 was its only real threat, shouldn’t be allowed. In my opinion every dino must have at least one decent counter. Indo g2 is broken as well but at least geminy and ardentis counter it well. Even thought it’s absurd that to counter a broken dino you must use the only two dinos that are more broken than the first one.
So in my opinion it’s necessary a nerf, not a disastrous one, but one that put them on pair with the other tyrant tier.

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People are complaining about The Dentist, yet after I leveled mine to 26 yesterday I haven’t had her in a battle once! :sob:

in english please

@Sergiosaurus ardentismaxima can easily be killed by magna.

@Radiant_Quasar magna vs dentist at equal level and dentist won’t survive unless you have a super slow or non health boosted magna.

@Fiskmasen_SWE why? It is obvious from the pictures that he isn’t on topic. Why would you care?

In 1.9 yes, in 1.10 not always because ardentis will have 5700hp so magna has to crit to shot ardentis in two hits and ardentis shot magna in two hits with a crit. And ardentis has a good crit chanse with 30%. This without considering the possible builds with boosts.

idk, because last time i checked it’s english only here? and why would he/she reply/comment something completely off topic that probably doesn’t even have anything to do with the game or anything in general anyways? and even if it does have atleast something to do with the game or this forum/website or what ever, i and probably atleast a few other people would want to be able to read it, but we can’t because we don’t understand that language?

Use Marsupial lion to counter ardentismaxima, legit that thing has a 40% Crit and if it crit once ardent is dead, you can leave ardent at really low HP even if the lion doesn’t crit. To counter indo g2, your gonna want to use phorusaura and Dracorex g1 together to kill it, T1, bring phorusaura and IR, indo g2 should CS, then you can safely swap in dracorex to finish off the injured indo g2, also @Haagsma is correct, who cares about rarity? It’s on how STRONG the components are, not rarity, gallimimus vs ornithomimus, ornithomimus is stronger than galli so it makes sense for it’s Hybrid to be stronger than galli’s.

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Maxima wins 100% of the time vs Thyle. And 25% of the time Thyle wont even do a single point of dmg to Maxima or only 900 dmg.

The Phrosaur + dracorex g1 combo beats Indo g2 that is true, but putting a low quality dino like dracorex g1 in your team so you can hopefully pull this very rare and bad in most other situations combo off is crazy. Also you need 2 dinos to counter indo g2, how can you tell us in the next few words indo g2 isnt to strong?

And Ludia told us that the balancing is heavy influenced by the quality ( epic, legendary, unique) and the rarity ( arena only, tournament only, everyday spawn).

Why should we matter about hard to get uniques, when some easy to get epic are outclassing or at least go head to head against our grind heavy end game dinos?

Please dont confuse the community with false or bad researched informations.

Isn’t Indoraptor Gen 2 supposed to be better than Indoraptor?

Aaaand now they got nerfed

I think Indo G2 is quite balanced now. Cautious strike now goes through evasive since it lost definite rampage. And let’s not forget its attack was nerfed.

Are you kidding me right now? Where in the world do you see maxima to be buffed? It’s actually got a nerf bc the change of the move definite rampage with just a DSR. Now every dodger in the game will be running around unchecked.


Alright then. Imo what should happen to balance those 2.
Get a damage reduction to 1100. Perhaps a speed reduction to 106. Leave the rest as It is. Nothing else is needed. It can now be reliably countered by chompers, as It was supposed to be. And please, once again:
#Don’t take away definitive rampage from Maxima @Ludia_Developers !

On indo gen2:
Rework cautious strike to have only the distraction and dodge effects. It should keep 1500 damage, but i guess i agree with It getting DSR.

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I’m sorry but in no way is maxima now buffed, Tryo is just one dino, she was one of our only true dodge assassins…now gone. She is weaker in attacks than her parent. Will loose her tyrant status soon