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Unnecessary Map Game

Now I’m on Barbaric Back-Country map, and there’s no toothless Trust Point(TP), and also the previous map I’ve got no Toothless TP(forgot the names) .

Don’t you feel it’s unnecessary to play the map game? (Can’t call it quest because now it’s not part of the duties LoL)

Playing that map game we spend more than 1000 to battle the overpower and ability dragons for 1 map, and we only got 50runes and some scales

Actually my daily bolt already drained to play the quest and monthly event, so I don’t have much bolt to play that map game

I don’t know if there’s a new design /policy for the map, because at the early map of this game we still got toothless TP. Or now theres no toothless TP from the map ( need a comment from the new player)
Just for information (sorry if I’m wrong) map game was part of the quest, but now the map game is not part of the quest duties)

I feel now that I don’t know what I’m looking for from the map game… There’s no interesting item from that map game

And now also the question Is the Toothless TP only can get from the Thawfest and the monthly event?

Thank you

From what i know you can get up to 1000 TP from the main story, originally the map gaved no Toothless TPs and this feauture was added around this period and yes, you can get Toothless TPs from events and the arena shop.

To be honest at this poit the story exists just for the people that want to complete the game 100%, and yeah it kinda takes alot of energy (I mean… i am at the last 120 lvls of the story and i have a few issues with the energy, since it charges me 12 energyes). But ohter than that I have no issues, and yes, the story mode isn’t really a must, it’s more like a task that you complete if, you want to.

The map does count for quests I think, apart from the egg one which only counts for certain duties. But I don’t play it often as I get stuck on certain levels for ages. However, I will try to get to almost the end just because! Not going to complete it until they issues that happen after you finish it

No the battles in the story mode don’t count as quests. they are Exploration battles (so if you need to do a duty that specifically asks you to complete them in a quest they won’t count towards it).

Anyway, the main reason to advance in the Storyline is the Autocomplete Quest, which gets better each time you advance to a new region. Your region (Barbaric Back-country) gives 11-15 eggs, 2550 Coins and 4750 Fish. The region after yours (Baneful Boglands) gives 12-16 eggs, 2750 Coing and 5000 Fish per quest.


Yes, you’re right. My bad! I forgot what it was called - been a while since I did the exploration…