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Unnecessary resistances

There are a fair few instances of resistances that, to be frank, have no point of existing on certain creatures. It’s likely that others have posted about this, but I wanted to mention it myself also. Some examples include: mrhino with 5% crit and crit reduction immunity, same with gem and yoshi, and likely some others I can’t think of. Why have crit immunity on creatures who do not rely on crits in any way, shape, or form? And with only a 5% chance no less. Their crit chance is already incredibly low, and as such, what is the point in being unable to lower it more so, with it already being so low. An instance where the 5% crit chance saved you because you had the immunity would almost never happen. The other main ones that don’t make sense that I can pull from the top of my head, which are doedicurus and ankylodicurus having 50% distraction resistance. All of their damaging moves cleanse distraction, they don’t have a a counterattack, so why is this necessary?

Because it only has 5% crit chance, so as it is so low normally why would you take it’s chance of a crit away completely? Not having crit reduction on a 5% crit chance creature just makes no sense.

This one is true, it makes no sense.

I think it might have to do with how they were intended to be used in raids, with that red helping with targeting


You’re right, it would make a difference in that situation. Never thought of that.
Also in Doedic’s case you could argue it’s there so it’s hybrid has something to inherit (i.e. Megistocurus).

It was the only instance where it made a difference, so I figured that had to be it, since inheritance hasn’t ever really mattered to Ludia laughs in ankyolodicurus

I personally have issues with immunity or resistance to vulnerability. This is mainly because i try to use Testacornibus but i believe the root cause of the problem is the same.
The devs throw resistances on creatures just for the sake of it without considering the implications.

With vulnerability resistance I believe it’s a “token” gesture to make something a little stronger without actually making it stronger. They make a new dino and throw it on so it has another resistance even though vulnerability has literally zero use in the meta… eeeexcept if you use testacornibus (and now dodocevia)

All they’ve done by giving vulnerability immunity to everything is nerf testacornibus, an already underwhelming unique.

Another example is 50% resistence to speed decrease, it’s almost completely useless. Without boosts it IS utterly useless. a raptor, the fastest creature in the game is less than 100 speed when decelerated if it has 50% resistence to deceleration. So slower than any other dinosaur. It still has a few uses (2 dinos slowing eachother + speed boosted dinos) but i don’t believe that was the intended effect, just nobody at ludia did the math on this one…


So yes you have a point with this but the crit one, yea I don’t follow what your saying at all.

Hey B4nKs!!! Love your vids!! The plays you make are :fire::fire: and seriously your pretty good with those compys!! Love the deer and you use it to its fullest potential and it’s awesome to watch!

The main two resistances I take issue with are Vuln resist and Swap Prevent resist. Way too many creatures have these, particularly at the top end of play. Swap Prevent resist in particular helps enable Swap meta since it’s harder to lock any given creature down, and the abundance of Vuln Resist just makes the entire mechanic kinda irrelevant

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