but here I have never seen gallimimo and irritator rare, I could be unlucky myself but if they do not exist in nature it would be time to put them

Irritator rare is an arena exclusive, and it seems you live in a zone that doesn’t spawn galli.

Isn’t Galli also arena exclusive? At least till before the update…

Theyre both still arena exclusive

Galli is arena exclusive? Huh

Yessir it is

Unlocks in Ruins… and has taken the spot of irritator gen 2 as the common to show up in most of my incubators. Seriously, had like 3k before 1.5 hit and now im sitting on 16k

Irrigator is rare, Gallup I am sitting on 21k so hardly unobtainable

Yes, both are exclusive to the Arena. Irritator appears very occasionally in the incubators. Gallimimus when it begins to appear appears a lot. I have a stock of gallimimus that I will hardly finish because Monolophosaurs do not appear enough to compensate (and now that Monomimus has been left out of my team, it is not very interesting either).