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Unplanned 3 day Treasure Chase? Upto 25K/day


Just opened my JWA app and was surprised to see a treasure chest on the map.
Clicking the chest says around 3 days left to collect.

Some sort of un-announced treasure chest hunt going on?Or is this some sort of bug??

Note: Received app notification mentioning collect boxes every hour upto 25,000 coins a day!
Would like to confirm if on collecting one, do they vanish? Or is it like old format, collect how much you want till it reaches 25k cap?

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yeah seen two spawn close together here aswell, going to check them out as soon as I finish in the office :smiley:


Hope your office ends soon. Mine still has like 7-8 hrs left!


Seems to be a push to get folks happy after what feels like a small exodus from the game in playerbase. That and increased VIP benefits


Finish in about 10/15 mins, unless someone else beats me to it I’ll let you know whatever happens after the first loot.

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Thanks!! The message wordings are sometimes confusing!

Notification says: “Open Coins Chase boxes every hour to collect up to 25,000 coins a day!”

The Notification timer is ending in almost 3 days. Usually, it shows the timer for when the next boxes would appear OR
Does this mean the event for next 3 days?


I would read it as one box to open per hour, with a maximum of 25.000 coins to be looted, so I would say if you get the full monty it’s a potential 75k to be looted

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I read it that the event lasts x days - this week’s is 3 days and you can collect a chest once every hour up to a per day limit of 25,000 coins; I can only assume a day is 24 hours except for the last one which is 23.


And what he said @MrAtkins - 75,000 max over 3 days


So, who’s pulling all-nighters to get the max amount?


I pulled an all nighter when the supply drops were bugged and had no limits. I realized that im not a kid anymore and that was rough, lol.


I was able to open both, 500 and 800 gold respectively so basicly hunt the chests till the 25k cap


There have been some nights where I may have well just pulled an all-nighter after being out all night hunting.


My guess is the chests reset every hour



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Opened one … still there but can’t open again … I assume for an hour … others can still be opened. 1000 coins.


I’ll be here at my desk. Working. :sob:


According to my alliance its “Chests out every hour for 2 days” :smiley:


I am glad that we are getting something free!! That is really good.

But wish it was like earlier treasure chase where we received (Total daily limit)/4 in one chest, vs having to go open chests of 500/1000 coins every hour.

Due to work/sleep, might be able to grab only 2-3 chests a day.


Opened 3 more close together 500 1000 500 … daily timer limit says 8 hours … which would imply we can fit 100,000 in with 2 full days and 2 part days … why do I have to have a heavy cold :frowning: