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Unplanned 3 day Treasure Chase? Upto 25K/day


I’ll be here at my desk. Working. :sob:


According to my alliance its “Chests out every hour for 2 days” :smiley:


I am glad that we are getting something free!! That is really good.

But wish it was like earlier treasure chase where we received (Total daily limit)/4 in one chest, vs having to go open chests of 500/1000 coins every hour.

Due to work/sleep, might be able to grab only 2-3 chests a day.


Opened 3 more close together 500 1000 500 … daily timer limit says 8 hours … which would imply we can fit 100,000 in with 2 full days and 2 part days … why do I have to have a heavy cold :frowning:


The In App notification linked me to a new post by the Mods. Something named Share Weatlh for this month…

Can’t seem to find it on my PC when I search! They should have made that post public when this event went live/shared a bit in advance!!


Hey guys! If you need more information, check this out:


Just got my partner to take me for a quick drive … got 5000 each from 2 chests


Thanks John. Somehow the post you mentioned was/is still not accessible/visible under announcements.

The only way for me to access is through your link.


Do what every hour? Some of us have to work or sleep or something else with our life other than play JWA

I mean, I seriously wonder if they have clue what they’re doing


They increased VIP benefits?

I’d consider joining VIP again if they have upped the benefits. I let it expire and haven’t missed it, wasn’t worth it in my opinion.

What have they added?


So far the changes I have noticed without an announcement are:
50% increase to original VIP Towers.
So 50% more cash, coins and darts when opening them.

Example: Used to be 10 Cash per tower, now awards 15.

Let us see if it remains this way, and if they are changing something else as well.


You don’t have to play every hour. It basically works like the Mon-Tues event dinos. They refresh every hour, but you can collect as many during one hour as you can find.

I just drove around a bit and found 10 or so - they alternated 920/460 (at L18). So, looks like I’d need to find 36(!) to max out…


Oh OK I getcha, thanks for clearing that up, I look forward to my commute home


Thanks for clarification. Looks like time to go around town mapping where all the treasures are present and create a route to get max chests!


What is a VIP tower?

All I ever noticed when VIP was the same supply drops, but you got 2X being a VIP.

Same deal with the event supply drops (green)


They are orange colored now, so they look and differ from non-vip, but yes you are right they did offer 2x rewards. Now it is 50% more than the original 2x rewards. I am hoping for something more substantial though.


Those are supply drops.
Same thing non VIP gets, except VIP gets 2X.
No bonus for VIP in coin chests.
IIRC, you only get one 2X on supply drops. Either double coins, double cash or double darts, but not double everything. At least, that is what I recall of my experience when I overpaid for VIP membership


The 2x comes out to a bit more now… i got over 800 coins from a supply drop yesterday… and 600 from another.


You know I’m so sick of hearing everybody complain about everything when it comes to this game nothing is ever good enough for everybody. People complain about not having enough gold and then jwa gives you an opportunity to get gold every hour and it’s still a problem? Geesh!


Welcome to the internet. They could give away 5k t-rex DNA there will be always someone to be angry about it :joy:

These coins are a very good addition and since it’s based on a whole day you have time to collect up to the limit. That’s nice.