Unplayable Dino: Gyroploylth

I am a level 20 player with multiple Unique and Legendary animals. As such I have been working since I started playing to obtain the Gyroploylth mega crocodile.
Living in San Diego I almost NEVER saw the animals needed to create it. So once I got them I spent a great deal of time working at gathering DNA. Roughly 9 months of daily gaming.

Now that I have it (it’s level 22) I have spent lots of money adding Attack and Health to it. It’s extremely slow.

I have found that for the level of difficulty in obtaining it… And given that its a Unique animal… It’s attack options are nearly worthless. Yes it can regenerate and it bites back when attacked. However… It is so slow that you always have to regenerate just to not die.

The ability to create a small defense is also a worthless ability. It is easily defeated and pretty much only allows the animal to bike back once.

It has NO strong bite options like almost every other animal. Recently the ability to prevent a swap was added. However given than the maximum damage is limited to a simple bite the damage is negligible in almost every instance.

This animal can also be easily distracted. Which renders its bites almost worthless.

I feel that this animal is in SERIOUS need of a revision. It’s simple bite should be a cleanse/ nullify/ and slowing bite. Similar to that of other lesser animals. The shield option should be exchanged for an instant distraction option… Or a Strong Attack option.

I feel that without these changes the animal is NOT worth the level of effort needed to create it. And it is not on the level of many other Unique donor.


I think its designed more as a soaker or to lock down an enemy dinosaur and slowly wittle it away and delay things, just gotta find a niche it fits best in.

I think some dinosaurs only feel “weak” because the meta is general dominated by huge hitting monsters, one and 2 shotting things, so we just accept it as the norm. I would love to see fights where there is a bit more time to react and play things out, rather than getting one shotted. And in that event, maybe with a re-rising of tanks, Grypo could shine!


The thing is it can’t have high attack or ferocious moves since that would take away its counter, Thor, tryko, and tenato.

It’s also not useless as it beat any tank in the game, lol yes even the the towers in a 1v1 that awesome not even tryko can do that

As @Stiffeno said this thing is supposed to be a long lasting counter attack

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Also the problem is ludia current food chain the works aging most uniques

Regular—> rarer—-> hybrid—> super hybrid—-> rarer super hybrid—> broken hybrid—> broken super hybrid —> rarer broken super hybrids

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And then the top tier dinosaurs - Mascot Tier. They gain a unique ability “Immunity to Nerfs!” xD


I don’t think you are utilizing grypo in the correct fashion. grypo is a stalling creature that relies on the counter attack to do damage, so no one should really boost it’s attack. This creature is also meant for later in the match when it can use it’s no escape ability to its advantage

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Perhaps it is a staller dino. However I have other crocs which are far more aggressive and damaging. Also, other counter attack animals do have strong attacks and distractions. Being so slow it does almost immediately or is hurt badly. It struggles with weaker animals and can’t even cleanse itself or nullify defenses.
I have been working with it now for about 2 months. It’s very difficult to play as it dies or is rendered distracted and it’s counter attacks don’t even amount to 1000 hit points

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Being this thing has only a 1X attack, they could up its attack to at least the same as Gryposuchus at level 20 of 925. So level 21 Grypolyth could start with 925 attack.

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The thing is grypo has a Rending counter, so high attack isn’t option since the counter is suppose to do the works basically is supposed to penalized

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maybe grypho is just dracoceratops v2 ? just to finish AND “keep/prevent from switching” enemy dinos by a good time switch-in. try thinking about this.

See mate the problem with that is tryko, dioraj, rajalanko, is they have either high attack, but low counter attack (trykosaurus); have mid attack but their counter is the same as a strike (dioraj and rajalanko). Is there counter is entirely dependent on there attack.

Grypo counter depends on an opponents attack for example the damage grypo’s counter does to a Concavaonator (937) is less than a counter on a Gemini (1,500). Giving it ferocious mean that the counter would be double and that’s way to strong especially if it’s first move is defense shattering mean the Dino can’t do nothing

Other crocs don’t have counter there for they go all out on the attack

Ex: sarcoxis, purrasaurs, sarcosuchus

Basically what he is saying is. Why does grypo have to be such a balanced creature with some upper points. When so many dinos are op with everything, it makes a little sense that grypo gets a little push. Basically it does what it does good but loses badly and ugly to certain dinos.

Why use that when an all maxxed boosted Thoradolosaur can kill everything with crits and instant moves even while distracted and it kills grypo too. Or maxima with tons of boosts can kill two dinos basically and grypo can’t exactly do that often. While many others can. The cooldown on the regenerate mostly means you won’t use it twice which is defeating aswell. Then you have things like mf out there on moth and pf where damage keeps building. To use grypo isn’t appealing but it is a great team creature nonetheless.

I think it lacks some things still, not as a tyrant teamate but as an attraction for sure and yes it is pretty hard to get to team level.

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This is a team I just happened to put together yesterday to get out of AI jail and plan to use tomorrow if I get a DBI mission. This is a complete counter attack team and didn’t think about putting Grypolyth on it. I can’t think of who to replace. Maybe Raja?

My Team 20200226

My Team 20200227

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The issue is that it’s counter is weak. Its main attack is weak. It’s defense shield is easily defeated. Its slow. It is easy to distract. Even as a stalling animal its weak. Other countering animals can cleanse themselves or slow enemies to gain a small advantage. I have fought the Gryo against much weaker animals and it struggles. I feel it has so much untapped potential.

Also being that its so hard to get… The payoff should be larger.


Definitely swap out Rajakylosaurus for Grypo. Let Grypo shine.

If the Gyro was a great staller dino or had better attributes i feel we would see it on more teams. Its rarely used… I want to love this dino but have been fighting him now for a while and find my self forcing it.

Among unique dinos I found him to be the one I keep removing… And don’t see… Even Raj is seen more

Grypo is what I call a novelty dino, like an old car you only drive on sunny days in parades. It’s just to show off.


Look at the top 50 mate. It’s used. A lot


Rajakylo is pretty bad. grypo is really strong. It’s faster, and does more damage. With regen, grypo is a force to be reckoned with