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Unplayable in car


Gps does not like it when you travel in car you can go across whole towns before gps registers where you are and even then it does not move you just jump to that spot and stay there until gps catches up again anyone else?

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Not as bad as you mentioned but, yes, there are issues, particularly on highways with higher speed limits… Have not had issues in urban settings, where speed limits are much lower…


I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the limit is 50mph/80kmh at least its past that speed when it stops working


Don’t drive and play


@Holger_Werminghaus yes, agreed, have to be safe! But… OP never said he was driving :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One thing I have noticed since 1.6 is that using scents in a moving car above approximately 35 mph is nearly impossible. The proximal distance at which scented dinos despawn has been reduced greatly. Its now nearly impossible to click on the dino and then engage it before you get too far away and it despawns.

Has anyone else noticed this?


As a passenger i am talking about not actualy going to drive and play

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Actually I‘m doing fine with scents while driving with max. 200-220 km/h. My father drives and I‘m hunting, I‘m just looking at the counter and when the new dinos appear I tap fast enough go get them.

Guess it depends on connection quality and how good ur phone is.

Funny thing is that on the Autobahn I‘m mostly having LTE but in urban areas I‘m often sitting there without even having 3G.
Germany really is terrible location when it comes to highspeed internet.

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Haha I was just about to ask where in the world are you driving 200km/h?! Then i read your username :joy:


The problem for me isnt the loading time though, its the fact that they’re despawning when i get about 30m from them now as opposed to prior to 1.6 they would despawn at like 100m

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Ah ok I didn‘t get it thought u meant u couldn‘t catch them cuz u were too fast.

They don‘t despawn for me that early. Only when I‘m really outta range like 200m away.

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Yeah, its really killing me. I have to turn around and go back if its a good dino

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Won’t use scents in car only walking it just seems no matter weather i am in town city or on motorway it always seems to take forever for gps to catch up then doesn’t move and i have 4g and the google maps are all working


My first time as passenger was last week and I looked forward to covering a lot of territory darting.

At 100 KPH/65 MPH loading in-game buildings and dino’s was sporadic at best. Most of the time the screen showed nothing. I got it to load by putting the phone to sleep then waking it up. It would reload – slowly – buildings around me and I could grab something if it was within range. This was not consistent and really made playing a major pain.

Going through towns, 70 KPH/45 MPH or slower was fine. I could spin and pick up anything within the circle and even anticipate dino’s coming into my inner darting circle.

As a side note: Most frustrating was seeing many desirable Epic spawn just outside of my range the whole trip. And darting. I pulled some dismal numbers when I was able to grab something nice. Bouncing around in a moving vehicle is not conducive to direct hits… at all. I looked at it as that 30 or 40 DNA I did manage was more than I had before.


I was so angry on monday it worked all the way until getting out the village next to my town i see an ourano which i needed to level my dilorachieres so was preparing to launch then all of a sudden sends me back to middle of the village and feeezes me in place missing out on it


Oh man yes I know this. But even worse is it when there stands an epic before u and once u could get it with full battery Owen appears…
Yes freakouts happen.

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Yh had that and then he doesn’t dissaprear aswell so have to reset the game and by then you have already gone half way to next town


I have always wished that when the timer is done that the second drone animation could be eliminated. That approx 15 seconds between being done darting and being able to dart another is way too long especially as a passenger at any speed. I wonder what I missed.

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Sometimes my gf drives and I play and other times I drive and she plays.

Around town we’ve noticed definite dead zones where the gps always disconnects for about a half mile to a mile and a half.

Prior to getting the iPhone X, I played on an android and playing as a passenger was very difficult in most places. So I would say your device and connection have a lot to do with the playability of the game while being a passenger.

Our biggest problem lately has been the non-responsiveness on the touch screen, especially with the treasure boxes.

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Yh i have found myself missong a few dinos through this like ourano and monolophosaurus