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I love this game … and I am not leaving. Sorry.

I have struggled with game/life balance but I am an adult and have struck a balance that works for me … yes I have spent money … no, I have not remortgaged … if I hated it I would uninstall it … but hey … I’m an adult … have I mentioned that … Happy New Year everyone


This is the best post I’ve seen in a while. I feel the same :ok_hand:t2:
Rolling with the punches and enjoying it.


I really have struggled but that’s my problem … and perhaps that’s a problem for some … but I have my self control and I have my Alliance … and that works for me … always happy to talk to those that are struggling


For only 500 in-game coins a person you can give them sound advice, and an affectionate hug, for 45 minutes of your time!


I was thinking a 1000 …


You Sir don’t come cheap!

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Only if you ply me with wine …


I feel the same way. Between work and family it is hard to find time. I am actually happy that I can spend some money (not remortgage) to save valuable time that I can spend with my family.

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I like it because playing is family time… my wife and I both play so when we go hunting… we compete who gets the better darting… and the child is turning 21 soon… so that helps… :smiley: